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[2 Practical Methods]--How to Make a Video with Pictures Easily

Author by Jane

Updated on July 12, 2022

Nowadays, people like to record their lives with photos. When you want to share a series of photos with friends or online, you may feel troubled by uploading them one by one. But don't worry, you can make these pictures into a video collection, and then add background music with a handy image to video movie maker, which is lively and interesting. This article aims to show you how to make a video with pictures.
Download this picture-to-movie maker and read on.

A single picture sometimes cannot fully express someone’s all the inner emotions. Collecting these pictures and making them into a video may convey the information more vividly. For example, playing a picture-made video collection of you and your lover at wedding, accompanied by corresponding music, is full of love; or creating a picture video collection about your friends or family and share it with them, etc. These will become valuable and precious memories in life. In this article, I have listed 2 simple ways for you to easily make video from photos.

Method-1: How to Make a Video with Pictures Using Desktop Helper

With no complicated operation, just a couple of clicks, you can create a porcelain video collection. In addition to this, you are allowed to add the appropriate captions. What’s more, not only a picture to video maker it is, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro also supports converting your video to 500+ output formats and different portable devices guaranteeing to play video successfully on any devices. If you want to upload the video to YouTube or Facebook, you can select the related video format for convenient uploading. Download this video processing application to be prepared and see the tutorial on how to create a video from images below.

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How to Make a Video from Pictures Step by Step

Go to the Photo to Video Maker

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software on your PC.

Step 1. Go to the Photo to Video Maker

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, and enter the Toolbox window. Head to the “Photo to Video Maker” segment.

Make Videos with Pictures with WonderFox Video Maker

Step 2. Start to Make Video from Photos

(1)-Add the corresponding pictures to the software via click “Add Images” on the top left corner, or you can directly drag them to the interface.
(2)-Press the upper right black screen to preview how the video plays.
(3)-Manually adjust the width and height of the aspect ratio by typing values in the related blank box.
(4)-Choose the output video quality and residence time for each picture(seconds) through moving the corresponding circle slider.
(5)-Finally, choose a repository for your created video by clicking the inverted triangle icon at the bottom of the window and hit “Create Video” to begin to make video with pictures.

Add Audio to the Video Slideshow

Optional: Add Background Music to the Video Slideshow

Back to the start interface, and choose Converter module. Click Add Files to load the picture-made video. Press the + button in the toolbar to add audio track. Then you can also edit the videos by hitting the different editing tools. Moreover, you can change the video formats by clicking the format image on the right side of the interface. Finally, choose the output folder and press Run to start the process.

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Method-2: How to Make a Video Out of Pictures Online

Of course, there are some of the outstanding online tools that can accomplish such an assignment. Based on my own experience, I recommend those programs below. And here, I would like to take as an example to specify how to smoothly handle it.

How to Make a Video with Pictures OnlineHow to Make a Video with Pictures Online

Step 1: Visit, add pictures via clicking “Choose files”.  Then it will direct to a new interface.

Step 2: Parameter settings on the right side of the window.
(1): You are allowed to add more picture files if you want through pressing “+” symbol in the upper right.
(2): Choose the aspect ratio for your playing screen: 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 5:4, etc.
(3): Select the duration for each picture.
(4): Most important, you can add audio as BGM or voice-over at the bottom right.
(5): Besides, you can directly drag each picture to adjust playing order.

Step 3: Hit “Create” icon to start to make video from photos. After a few minutes for online tool’s working (which depends on how large your file is.), you can directly download the video to your desktop.

Notice: Most online video makers have many limitations. Like this one, which is only free for adding up to 500 MB. Apart from that, your computer has to be connected to the Internet all the time otherwise the video making cannot be processed smoothly. All in all, however, online helpers nowadays have been developing and tend to be mature and safe so that many of them deserve to be tried.

Unlock More Fantastic Features about HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Now you would learn how to make a video with pictures with these excellent utilities. Here I list some of HD Video Converter Factory Pro’s outstanding features for you if you like.

1: Make your picture or video to GIF.

2: Make stylish ringtone for iPhone or Android smartphones.

3: Download high-quality video or audio from numerous websites, such as LiveLeak, Metacafe, Vevo, SoundCloud, and so forth.

More surprises are waiting for you to download and experience.

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