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How to Make New Subtitles to YouTube Videos
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YouTube Subtitles - A Handy Guide of How to Add Subtitles to YouTube

Author by Hales

Updated on Feb 14, 2023

How to find a good way to help you solve this problem: Sometimes it’s hard to understand the plot when watching a YouTube video without subtitles. This is why we want to know how to add subtitles to YouTube in the middle of the video for better viewing. For this, you need the following multi-subtitle add-on tools to help you solve it.

Q: I have ever seen one such problem on the forum: I want to provide translations for other users' videos on YouTube. The original video is in Spanish and I want to translate it to Hebrew or English. The easiest way is to download the original video, re-upload and add subtitles to YouTube video. This may be the problem of the original author. Are there other more elegant methods?

A: Many people have the same problem that is how do I put subtitles on YouTube? There are many people who are willing to spend time watching movies or TV shows, but some videos have no subtitles in other languages. Sometimes you download YouTube videos (movies and TV shows) without subtitles. And even want to upload videos to YouTube and more, which is a great challenge for those people. So many people have been plagued by this problem. In fact, with YouTube's global influence, you can meet the needs of your foreign audience by adding subtitles for YouTube videos. To help you add captions to your videos, this article will give you two easy ways to do this.

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Method 1 - How to Add Subtitles to YouTube on YouTube Website?

Click the Add Translations buttonClick the Add Translations button

Step 1. Play Video and Click the Add Translations Bar

First you need to log in to your YouTube account and find Your channel. You can see that the video you have uploaded appears in the center of the page, select the video you want to add subtitles, and click on the video to play it. Then find the 4 dot icons in the lower right corner of the video and click Add translations in the drop-down bar to proceed to the next step.

Choose the LanguageChoose the Language

Step 2. Add Subtitles for Video

Find Subtitles & CC in the new interface and select the language in the new section (maybe only English and English (United Kingdom) appear on the page). First select one, then a new section will appear, and you will be given a choice (Upload a file / Transcribe and auto-sync / Create new subtitles or CC). Please see the third step tutorial for details.

Adding Subtitles to the VideoAdding Subtitles to the Video

Step 3. Upload a File and Make New Subtitles for the Video

Whenever you choose one of the three, you must go to the editing interface for each step as follows:

NO.1: Upload a file - Click to enter the new page, add the subtitle file prepared in advance in the pop-up box, select Subtitles file in File type, click Upload.

NO.2: Transcribe and auto-sync - To edit the text that matches the video sound in each video frame that appears, you need to pause the video image to which you want to add captions.

NO.3: Create new subtitles or CC - Here you can see the video picture for each time period, and then edit the subtitle information on the left side of the video.

Finished the above three things, and finally clicked Publish and you will get the way of how to add subtitles to others YouTube videos.

A Better Solution for Adding Subtitles to YouTube

Indeed, it’s inconvenient for most users who regularly watch videos on YouTube or save YouTube videos without subtitles. Most people are used to watching movies with subtitles on YouTube so that they can better understand the scenario, so people are more eager to find a way to solve the problems effectively. Sometimes, you can also encounter these problems that YouTube videos won’t play properly and how to fix YouTube Videos lagging, or downloading YouTube music. How can you do it? WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you solve them quickly.

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WonderFox never advocates any illegal downloads, please make sure your actions are legal in your country. All downloaded videos cannot be used for any commercial activities.

Method 2 - How to Put Subtitles on YouTube with Software?

Download video from YouTube

Before start, please free download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Paste, Analyze and Download the URL of the Video

Copy the URL of the video or music you want to download. Run the program and open Downloader. Click the “New Download” button on the top of the interface and paste the URL to the “Add URL” blank box. Then click “Analyze” button to start the analyze process. Then select the desired resolution and format, click OK to add to download list. Specify the output folder and click on the Download All button to download YouTube video first and proceed to the next step of editing to add subtitles.

Make Subtitles on YouTube

Step 2. Add Subtitles for YouTube

After downloading, close the Downloader and open Convert this time. Import the downloaded file to Converter. Then click the drop-down button in the T Disabled button below the video to select “Add subtitle”, choose the downloaded subtitle file (.srt or .ass) from the computer, and set the output folder to save the converted video. Finally, click the Run button in the lower right corner of the interface to start adding subtitles to the video.

At last

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you add subtitles to your videos, as well as download YouTube subtitles. More powerful, you can also remove watermark from video, as well as simple cut video, combine YouTube videos and other editing features.

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