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2024 Top 7 Free MP3 Download Sites – Enable You to Catch Free Music Resources at One Go

Author by Helen

Updated on Mar 04, 2024

There are many free MP3 download websites on market nowadays, providing various music and songs for you to download to your devices. But which website will you choose, considering convenience, safety and server quality? This time, I am introducing the top 7 MP3 free download sites for you.

The List of Top 7 MP3 Download Sites 2024

Nowadays, as portable devices and players keep prospering, more and more people can easily get access to their favorite songs or music simply by downloading them from professional music sites. Just in a single small gadget, you can save thousands of music or songs with some free online audio compressors. And here's the list of some popular MP3 download sites that empower you to save free music for offline playing.

1. Jamendo: You can download free MP3 songs and share your feelings with other listeners over there.

2. YouTube: The largest video-sharing site which allows you to catch music resources as well.

3. You can download MP3 files, stream songs and get recommendations of bands you'll love.

4. Just like the site name, you can download so many great music pieces as MP3 format there.

5. Bandcamp: As one of the greatest underground-culture bazaars of our time, you can "find what you wish" there.

6. Soundcloud: Explore the original-created music pieces there and there's a chance to connect with the artists.

7. Maintain a huge MP3 music data base and you can find cost-free tracks and videos with a simple search.

Conclusion: The Differences among the Referred 7 Free MP3 Download Sites.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the following websites and download methods are provided only for personal fair use. Wonderfox doesn't advocate downloading any copyrighted music for illegal sell, distribution, marketing or any other commercial behaviors. Instead, you may consider some free royalty music download.

Free MP3 Music Download without Registration - The Top 7 Free MP3 Download Websites

Now I will show you the details of the 7 online music streaming sites and the specific downloading steps are listed as well. You will surely love them.

1. Jamendo

Jamendo is a music site and an open community of independent artists, music lovers and creators. It offers music of all kinds from pop to wedding songs for downloading as you can see from the genre list. A convenient downloading function is available as well, but you should remember to register a new account first.

Best MP3 Download Site: JamendoBest MP3 Download Site: Jamendo

Merit(s): This site is multilingual and supports 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese. Users can put comments on the MP3 songs and interact with other people. Also, you can find the lyric for each song. Besides, you can find more similar tracks since it provides the related search function on the music page. And this is quite friendly for users. Furthermore, there's a section of "MUSIC FOR VIDEOS" and you can use them in your videos.

Limit(s): You must register an account to download full albums free.

How to download MP3 songs from Jamendo:

Step 1: Visit the official site at [] and then hit "Start".

Step 2: The site will redirect to the music source page and you can save the audio tracks on this page. Also, you can type the artist or music name on the upper part to find your favorite artist or MP3 tracks.

Step 3: There's a download button for each song, click it for MP3 song download.

2. YouTube

Of course, YouTube is one of the remarkable free MP3 download sites. It is not just a video-sharing site, you can also get so many free music resources over there. With a professional YouTube downloader, HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you can easily get all kinds of songs like English, Chinese and Hindi songs MP3 free downloads from YouTube.

One of the Top MP3 Download Sites: YouTubeOne of the Top MP3 Download Sites: YouTube

Merit(s): There are so many video and music resources on YouTube. You can extract the audio tracks from the videos or movies.

Limit(s): No download function itself, you need to take advantage of a third party downloader.

How to download MP3 songs from YouTube:

Here's an example of Taylor Swift songs MP3 download from YouTube or just take the following steps to download MP3s from YouTube:

Step 1: DownloadDownload the music downloader first and launch it.

Step 2: Select Downloader. In the new window, press +New Download, copy the YouTube URL and choose one format to download. Here you can save YouTube to MP3 in the batch mode with this tool.

Step 3: Convert the downloaded file to MP3 format.

After done, you can listen to the MP3 audio tracks on your computer or synced to your portable devices for offline listening. But if you prefer some online downloading sites like keepvid, clip converter and more, you can read: The Best Sites to Download Videos and Music Effortlessly>>

3. is one of the most convenient free MP3 download websites founded in Britain. Without any registration, you can easily download any MP3 music by clicking on downloading button near the track. All the audio files are sorted into "Live Charts", "New Releases" and "Coming Soon" and just download them without registration. is among the Best MP3 Songs Downloads is among the Best MP3 Songs Downloads Sites

Merit(s): This MP3 download site will publish some music-related blogs under the [Features] section and users can get much useful information on the live shows, festivals, awesome playlists, new songs/albums release, etc.

Limit(s): There are some ads on the site yet it can't work properly if your browser has installed Ad-Block. Moreover, some music resources come from YouTube. In this case, it would be better to catch the tracks from YouTube straightforwardly and you can even get the high-quality MP3 files.

Tip: Sometimes the server goes down and gets messed up.

How to download MP3 songs from

Step 1: Open [].

Step 2: There are so many songs and the download button is in the music file.

Step 3: Click it to save the MP3 file.

Moreover, you can take that I will talk about below to catch music or use some online voice recorders to record the more songs as the MP3 format for offline playing.


This is a free MP3 download site that offers a great deal of music in MP3 format. In the "free category" there are many choices including Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin, etc. No registration needed, you can conveniently download Christian music or other kinds of songs as MP3 by hitting the yellow download icon. One of the Best MP3 Download One of the Best MP3 Download Sites

Merit(s): There are so many different music genres on and you can easily download the tracks as MP3 at a sharp speed.

Limit(s): It seems like this best free mp3 download site has no update since 2015 based on the "Recent post". After you hit the download button, this site will take a while to connect with the data base and there's a chance that you may fail to download the MP3 songs. If so, you need to right-click the button and choose "Save as…"

How to download MP3 songs from

Step 1: Open the official site: [].

Step 2: On the menu bar, choose one music genre under the "Free Music" tab.

Step 3: It will redirect to the specific music page and there's the yellow download button on each audio tracks. Click it to save the music file as MP3 format. And it's clear that most of the resources are from

5. Bandcamp

Speaking of free MP3 download site, one would never leave Bandcamp out. As an amazing music streaming site, listeners can find so many beautiful tracks or albums on this MP3 free download site.

Free MP3 Music Downloads on BandcampFree MP3 Music Downloads on Bandcamp

Merit(s): There are many albums that are tagged with "Free Download" and you can catch them to your computer without forking out. Mostly, you can download Bandcamp to MP3 format and lossless format FLAC.

Limit(s): The download MP3 files are in 128kbps in most cases.

How to download MP3 songs with Bandcamp Downloader:

Step 1: Visit the page: [].

Step 2: Choose your preferred album then click "Buy Digital Album" and name your price as 0.

Step 3: Hit the [download to your computer] to get free MP3 music downloads now.

Warm tip: You can take the recommended YouTube music downloader to save the whole Bandcamp album handily.

6. SoundCloud

Refer to the free MP3 download sites, SoundCloud is the exactly right place you should visit. Listeners can discover new music and podcasts and you are allowed to share music resource with other users and you can even connect with the artists.

Related Reading: SoundCloud to iTunes | SoundCloud Alternatives | SoundCloud Playlist Download

Download MP3 Resources from SoundCloudDownload MP3 Resources from SoundCloud

Merit(s): You can enjoy new audio tracks every day: the music resources are updating day-by-day since many bands and indie artists prefer to release the MP3 pieces on SoundCloud before the releasing them on Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services. It allows users to save the tracks as MP3 format directly. By the way, it has the mobile app and you can directly install it on your portable devices.

Limit(s): Not all tracks on SoundCloud are downloadable, and some music pieces that are tagged with free download will require you to like it on a Facebook page.

How to download off SoundCloud:

Step 1: Go to [].

Step 2: Find the target one and hit the "Free Download".

Step 3: Follow the detailed instructions to obtain MP3 downloads.

Tips: You can also take online downloader or browser add-ons to help you rip music from SoundCloud.


As one of the best MP3 sites, allows its users to grab music resources in a simple yet fast way. It has a huge MP3 songs data base. This site has divided itself into six parts: MP3, free music playlists, music charts, videos, artists, music magazine. You can find so many songs under each section.

Catch MP3 Files from Freemusicdownloads.worldCatch MP3 Files from

Merit(s): You can download MP3s within this site or save music resources from YouTube. And this site updates regularly and you can find the interesting music news or blogs on freemusicdownloads.

Limit(s): It constantly pop-up with advertisement to call you to share this page on Facebook.

How to download MP3 songs from

Step 1: Visit its official site: [].

Step 2: It will show you a big blank box and you can type in the name of the artist, song, or YouTube URL.

Step 3: Then it goes to a page of the search result. And you'll get the download button. Click it to save free MP3 music downloads for MP3 player.

Conclusion: The Differences among the Above 7 Free MP3 Download Sites

Site Jamendo YouTube(Download via WonderFox HD Pro) Bandcamp Soundcloud Freemusicdownloads
The audio bitrate of the downloaded tracks 128~192kbps 128~1400kbps mostly in 128 kbps mostly in 128 kbps mostly in 128 kbps mostly in 128 kbps mostly in 128 kbps
Audio quality Standard High quality General General General General General
Can save as MP3 Nearly all the mainstream audio formats, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, M4V, AC3, etc. MP3 MP3 MP3 and sometimes FLAC MP3, M4A MP3
Download speed Fast Lightning-fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
Catch from other sites No Able to catch music resources from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Mixcloud and more 1000+ sites No From No No From YouTube
Download video No Yes, save 1080p/4k/8k videos from 1000+ sites No No No No From own data base
Now you can Start the MP3 downloading Free downloadFree download Free HD to save YouTube music Start the MP3 downloading Start the MP3 downloading Start the MP3 downloading Start the MP3 downloading Start the MP3 downloading

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