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How to Convert Music to MP3 – Best Way to Solve Your Music Incompatibility Problem

Did you go through a situation where you can’t play some music on your mobile devices? Are you getting confused by the unplayable issues? I’ve been through the same situation. So I’d like to give you some advice about converting music to MP3.


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Where Do All These Music Playing Problems Come from?

Play music in MP3 format

Play music in MP3 format

First of all, you should know there are plenty of music file formats such as WAV, FLAC, and ALAC, MP3, AC3, AAC, WMA, MKA, OGG, M4A, M4B, AIFF, AU, and DTS. I do not intend to confuse you, so I would go the simplest way. Within these music file formats, there are formats that are for apple devices like M4A, for DVD like DTS, for Windows like WAV and WMA. Some audio formats are not compatible with different mobile devices or music players. For instance, if you have a DTS audio file, it is impossible for you to play this piece of music on your computer or your cellphone. We call this the format incompatibility problem.

If you are the one who loves watching videos on YouTube and likewise video sites, you must have seen some favorite MVs which you are desperate to download to your computer and play them on your mobile devices. As YouTube is a free video sharing website, you can only get videos from it. If you want to change the YouTube MV to MP3, you have the problem of converting music videos to audios now. But is that even possible? We all know video formats and audio formats are totally different thing. I can tell you for sure that converting YouTube music video to MP3 is feasible. Please keep reading this article to find out how to convert YouTube music to MP3.

“Killing Two Birds with One Stone”

If you are hoping to get rid of these incompatibility problems once and for all, I would suggest you convert music to MP3 format. Because MP3 is an audio format which is the most compatible one with nearly all players and mobile devices, which is why you find MP3 music playable on any devices. But how to convert music to MP3? I would recommend a professional music to MP3 converter to you. With this HD Video Converter Factory Pro, converting music to MP3 would not be a problem any longer. Besides, it enables you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 as well. That is to say, you can kill two birds with one stone with this converter. HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports conversion between music formats like FLAC to MP3, WMA to MP3, DTS to MP3 and so many more. Besides, it supports video to audio conversion such as MP4 to MP3, AVI to MP3, MKV to MP3 and any video formats to audio formats you can think of. To start conversion, free download this HD Video Converter Factory Pro first. Then just follow the tutorial below.

Part 1: How to Convert Music to MP3 with WonderFox Music Converter Step by Step

Step 1: Load Source Files into Music to MP3 Converter

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro after installation. Click on Converter icon and press “Add Files” to add the music piece to the converter. Or you can simply drag the audio files to the main interface.

Add music files into the converter

Add music files into the converter

Step 2: Choose MP3 as the Output Format

Choose the output format by hitting the area in the red circle. Then click “Audio” and choose MP3 as out format.

Tips: When you choose the output format, you should see that HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports so many devices as output format. It means you can select a device like iPhone 7 and the parameters of the output file has been optimized according to the device type such as AVI to iPad, convert MKV to Samsung TV and so many more.

Choose an output format

Choose an output format

Step 3: Finish Music to MP3 Conversion

Choose an output folder to save the output MP3 audios. Then just click “Run” to finish the conversion in seconds. You can enjoy listening to the MP3 music on any player or device now.

Tips: If you haven’t downloaded the music video from YouTube, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help download videos from online sharing sites and then convert it to MP3 audio file. First, click “Download Video” button, and then copy the page URL of the video you want to download. Paste it into the “URL” box and click “Analyze”. At last, you just need to click

Click “Run” to finish conversion

Click “Run” to finish conversion

“download” icon to get your favorite video from YouTube.On the other hand, to convert YouTube music videos you have already downloaded to MP3, you just need to do almost the same as the tutorial above. First, add the YouTube music videos to the converter. Then choose MP3 as an output format. Click “Run” to do the conversion. Then you’ll get your MP3 music from a video.

Now, please download the HD Video Converter Factory Pro to complete your jobs.

Part 2: How to Convert Music to MP3 with Online Music Converter

The comparison of 720P and 1080P

The comparison of 720P and 1080P

Step 1: Visit a reliable online audio converter like https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3. Click on Choose File to load your music file.

Step 2: Click on Start Conversion to get your converted MP3 file. After a while, your MP3 file will be ready. Click the Download button to download it to your computer.

It is important to note that online conversion tools have limitations on the size of uploaded files, and the speed at which files are uploaded and downloaded can be affected by several factors. Please be patient.

Some Other Functions in HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Other than audio to audio conversion and video to audio conversion, you are able to convert videos to over 300 other formats and devices such as AVI to WMV, MOV to MP4, H264 to MP4, MKV to HUAWEI P9, MKV to LG TV and so on. And if you happen to need to convert MP4 to iPhone, you are all good to go with this professional converter.

More Special Features on HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Converting video and audio files to 300+ formats, codec and devices.
  • A wonderful ringtone maker to create enchanting ringtone music for your smart phone.
  • To download video from main-stream websites at the fastest speed.
  • Personalize videos with wonderful functions (such as clip, add effects, and add subtitle).
  • Extract audios from video perfectly.
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Convert Music to MP3 – Best Way to Solve Music Incompatibility Problem

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