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[Completely Free] The Best 3 Bandcamp Downloaders to Download High-quality Bandcamp Music with Ease

Author by Oswald

Updated on Jan 28, 2023

When you find some amazing music on Bandcamp, you may want to download the single/albums to your PC or mobile for offline playback. But the download links provided by Bandcamp are not so handy. Here’s the solution: Bandcamp downloader. The best three Bandcamp downloader to help you with your issues are introduced in the article.

Here’s the best Bandcamp to MP3 320 kbps converter that can help you download high-quality Bandcamp music, it suits audiophiles so well.

Please Note: We DO NOT advocate piracy. Copyrighted audio contents’ downloads are not condoned. Make sure your behaviors are legal and don’t Infringe artists' rights and interests.

Wanna Download from Bandcamp?Wanna Download from Bandcamp?

Speaking of the best audio-sharing site, Bandcamp of course, I’d say, you’ve probably heard of it as the freest online publishing platform, but if you actually have experience using it as an independent artist or a fan of which, you’ll realize that it's way beyond that.

When it comes to Bandcamp Music, to download from Bandcamp will certainly enter into the equation. Bandcamp does not provide a handy download link; There are no guidance that leads users to make a full album audition and it’s hard for a beginner to differentiates albums as per prices, those might cause unpleasant feelings when you’re trying to download albums from Bandcamp. Well, download full albums from Bandcamp is supposed to be extremely easy like many other websites…if only you pick the right tool.

Now, I’ll introduce you the best 3 Bandcamp downloader as the result of screening and testing. They are all practical, clean, free and easy-to-master.

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TIPS: Since the following three tools are all URL to MP3 converters, you’ve got to obtain the exact URLs of the music desired, make sure you’ve reached the album page (In some cases, you need to right click album’s cover > open link in new tab) before further procedures.

Tool 1. Web Bandcamp Album to MP3 Audio Files – Convert Bandcamp to MP3 Online

Download Bandcamp MP3Download Bandcamp MP3 is an easy to use web-based Bandcamp MP3 downloader that search submitted Bandcamp pages for music streams, just navigate to the site, simply copy the URL of the album you want, paste it to the URL box, then click “Magic Stick” button.

After a short while, you will see each song within album is listed separately for you to download in (and only in) MP3 format. Just right click on the Download button and choose "Save link as" to download each MP3 file.

For those who value audio quality, I guess you wouldn’t settle for crude music, thus this one is just the slightest bit off. Ask for more? Well, check that out.

Tool 2. The Best Bandcamp Downloader – Free Download up to 320 kbps High-quality Bandcamp MP3

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a practical, no plug-in and easy-to-master Bandcamp music downloader that helps you to rip Bandcamp most pages and acquire up tp 320kbps quality single/album, no recording or compressing in the process, the audio files will maintain the best quality. So versatile is this Bandcamp URL to mp3 converter, it not only allows you to convert Bandcamp to MP3, but convert Bandcamp or the output MP3 files to a good deal of audio formats (WAV, AAC, AC3, WMA, OGG, IOS/Android ringtone and etc…) at will. Looks good, right? Here’s how to download from bandcamp free with it.

Free Download Free Download

Download from Bandcamp Free with Good Quality with Bandcamp Converter

Download Bandcamp Songs

Before start, please free downloadfree download the Bandcamp MP3 converter.

Step 1: Input the Bandcamp Album URL to the Program

Launch the Bandcamp to MP3 converter, click the blue “Download Video” bar. Copy the URL of the album you want and paste it to the “Add URL” box in the program, then click “Analyze” button. After short analyzation (during that, you can customize output file folder at “Save to” box), select “Recommend download” and click “Download” button, that’s to download the full album at once. You’ll be noticed whether to open output file folder once the download is complete.

Bandcamp Downloader 320 kbps Converter

Step 2 (Optional): Enhance Bandcamp Music Quality

After the download procedure, click the small “Settings” button at lower-right of the main interface, you’ll be led to a new window where you can customize audio channels (like convert stereo to mono), bitrate (convert MP3 to 320kbps for better audio quality) and sample rate… Click the “OK” button to confirm your settings once you are done. At last, click the format section at right side of the main interface and the output format you want by clicking the corresponding audio icon at “audio” section from the category box above (Or not, the output files stay the same format). Finally, click “Run” to start the conversion.

Tool 3. Bandcamp Downloader Chrome Extension – Download from Bandcamp with an Add-on

Bandcamp Converter Chrome ExtensionBandcamp Converter Chrome Extension

If you happen to be a Google enthusiast like me (definitely not the reason that this Chrome extension is of the best 3 ranking) using Chrome browser, lucky for you to have a clear access to this smart gadget – Bandcamp MP3-128 saver.

Launch Chrome browser, navigate to and add the extension. From now on, when you visit a Bandcamp album page, click on the plugin icon, it will list all available download buttons.

Additional Part. Bandcamp Sub-site – Download Bandcamp Albums Free

It goes without saying that, to support the artist you favor, one can purchase the single/album from Bandcamp directly. But some users would care for a taste of the site's content before forking out, so, here comes

It’s a Free MP3 Download Sites that allow you to pay any expenses as you wish, which means you can directly download any song on that site for free. Choose the album you want > Click Buy Digital Album > Name Your Price as "0" > You're good to go.

In conclusion:

I hope you can find a suitable one from those three Bandcamp song downloaders introduced above for your situation. Online/Chrome extension Bandcamp downloaders are shortcuts to try out those beautiful albums. Wanna obtain a better enjoyment? Sure, Free HD Video Converter Factory is there for you to download the albums in their original quality and enhance them to professional-class.

Free Download Free Download

Professional Version with More Comprehensive Audio Converting/downloading Capabilities

Professional Version with More Comprehensive Audio Editing Capabilities

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

1. Lossless audio output formats are offered, such as WAV, FLAC, ALAC

2. Enhance audio quality for professional-quality sound

3. Batch conversion to greatly save your time

4. 50X conversion drove by WonderFox exclusive coding technology

5. Free lifetime upgrade & technical support

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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