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Three Fast Methods on Free Download Mixcloud to MP3

Author by Helen

Updated on Jul 07, 2023

Want to download Mixcloud to MP3 and get the flawless music offline playback experience on devices? It’s easy and this article will provide the corresponding three quick ways on how to download Mixcloud. Here’s the program that can save mixes for you and free download it to have a try now.

Update: not only MP3, The "Solution 1" allows you to download Mixcloud music file to more audio formats, such as AAC, AC3(Dolby) ,DTS, even the lossless formats WAV, FLAC, etc.

Why Do So Many People Favor Mixcloud

Enjoy Mixcloud Music OfflineEnjoy Mixcloud Music Offline

Mixcloud is a popular online music streaming service and users can listen to, collect or distribute radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts. You are able to enjoy audio tracks that created by singers and bands from all over the world and set your own playlist. Mixcloud is not just a music website that allows users to upload and listen to music but also a place people can make friends over there as registered users can join a Group to share the common interests.

Due to licensing and copyright issues, users can’t download any music resources from Mixcloud. But when you meet your favorite ones and eager to catch them to devices for offline playback, how to do that? This tutorial will illustrate three methods to help you free download Mixcloud to MP3. Just select the way you like.

Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

Three Simple and Practical Ways on How to Download Mixcloud

Solution 1 (Recommended) - Taking Mixcloud Downloader to Free Download Music Resource

Speaking of music downloader, I have to mention Free HD Video Converter Factory. It can free download music resources from Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Vevo and other 1000+ sites without complex steps. New users can handle it for the first time. Besides downloading, it supports to convert the music tracks to other audio formats like AC3, M4A, OGG, DTS and more.

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Free Download Free Download

How to Download from Mixcloud with a Few Mouse Clicks

Download Mix

Before start, please free downloadfree download this Mixcloud converter to your Windows computer then launch it.

Step 1: Copy Mixcloud Music URL

Head to the Downloader module, and click on “New Download” and then paste the music link to the “Add URL” box.

Step 2: Analyze the Audio Link

Now, click the “Analyze” button. It will take a few seconds to analyze the link you just pasted in.

Step 3: Download Mixcloud Music

Press the “Download All” button. Hold on a few minutes, you can enjoy the downloaded music file offline. By the way, here you can download the music resources in batches. Generally, the video format provided by mixcloud is MP4, and the audio format provided by mixcloud is M4a.

Get Mixcloud MP3 320kbps Files

Step 4: Convert Mixcloud to MP3 320kbps

Attention: There are only a few mixes that can be downloaded as high quality MP3 files. In most cases, the audio tracks that Mixcloud provides are normally streaming as an M4A file with a low bit rate, if you want MP3 files with higher bit rate, you can take the following steps.

When finishing the above process, enter the Converter module, and load download files into the program. You need to choose “MP3” icon under the Audio tab in the Format section. Then click “Settings”. It will pop up a window and you can change the audio bit rate to 320kbps. Now press the “Run” button to start the conversion. The software supports the most audio formats, so you can choose any audio format if you want.

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Tips: You can also convert the music files to other audio formats like AC3, AAC, WMA, OGG, DTS, etc. This freeware ensures you to make ringtone for your iOS and Android devices.

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Solution 2 – Using Mixcloud Downloader Online Services

Download Mixcloud via Online ServicesDownload Mixcloud via Online Services

Lots of websites offer the Mixcloud downloading services. Some remarkable ones like,, etc are welcomed by many users. However, They sometimes prompt the message "Server Error" and you need more patience if you choose the online downloader. They are easy to use and I’ll show you the downloading steps on how to use “mixcloud-downloader”:

1: Go to the official site;

2: Copy and paste the Mixcloud music you want to download;

3: Then press the download button.

Other similar online downloading services are working in the same way: copy and paste the URL > hold on a second and convert > then download to your local disk.

Solution 3 – Installing Browser Extension to Free Download Mixcloud Audio Tracks

Download Mixcloud via Browser ExtensionDownload Mixcloud via Browser Extension

Updated: This extension has been taken down due to copyright infringement. In addition, Mixcloud has updated its music encryption algorithm so that there is no workable extension available currently.

Also, there are some useful extensions that can help you download music from Mixcloud. For instance:

Mixcloud downloader Chrome:

Mixcloud Downloader Firefox:

After installation, restart your browser and then visit Mixcloud. On the mix description page, click the browser add-on on the menu bar. It will save that specific mix to your computer.

With the above three free downloading methods, I believe you can catch Mixcloud to MP3 and other audio formats without any hassle. Still, there’s one thing that should draw your attention: WonderFox does NOT advocate our users to download the copyright protected materials for any reproducing, distributing, transmitting, broadcasting, displaying or selling.

More Features on the Recommended Mixcloud Ripper:

1. Extract audio tracks from any video.

2. Supports the lossless audio conversion.

3. Compress the large audio files to the smaller size.

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