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A New Method to Duplicate Your DVDs
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The Cheap and Fast Way for DVD Duplication

Author by Vita

Updated on Dec 31, 2020

In case of unexpected damages like scratch, it’s necessary to duplicate your previous wedding, memorial or homemade DVD collections. Besides DVD duplicator machine and services, in this article, you can also try the faster and cheaper solution for DVD duplication. Please install the must-have tool before following this guide:

To backup DVDs, DVD duplication services or professional duplicators may be your choices while you need to pay for the costly duplication. Therefore, if you don’t have high requirements, you can duplicate DVD by yourself to save more costs and time. And here introduces a neat and foolproof solution for you.

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Preparation for Home-use DVD duplication - WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Before reading the tutorial, you may think the process of duplicating a DVD is complicated, but actually, it can be easily achieved with a DVD duplication software. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is such a useful assister that can analyze and copy any home-made DVDs and recorded DVDs. Even if you need to duplicate those copy protected DVDs, DVD Ripper Pro can finish the process without hassle. Now follow the guide to learn how to duplicate a DVD in three steps.

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The guide is only for home-made DVD sharing and distribution. Please do not copy any commercial DVDs for illegal usage and learn about if it is legal to rip a DVD for backup and private use in your country before doing so.

Duplicate DVD on Windows 10 with 3 Simple Steps

Choose the DVD source

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Select the DVD Disc Source

Pop a DVD disc into your PC and then launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. Click on “DVD Disc” and select the DVD letter you want to duplicate. Next press “Ok”. You can also convert ISO to MP4, ISO to MKV, DVD folder to MP4 and other digital video formats.

P.S. you can use the "1:1 quick copy to ISO" function to copy files from DVDs including video, audio, subtitle, DVD menu, etc. Then you can recreate a DVD which is exactly the same as the original one by using the ISO image.

Other tips you might be looking for:

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Copy DVD to any format

Step 2. Choose an Output Format to Duplicate DVD

The DVD will be analyzed and decrypted at once, and the smart DVD duplication software will mark the main movie. Even it’s a TV series DVD, each episode can be selected correctly. You only need to click the “Output Format” section on the right to choose an output format. You can choose ISO image or DVD Folder under the purple “1:1 quick copy” section so as to backup the DVD and then duplicate it to another blank DVD. Or you can convert DVD to digital video by selecting a video format under “Video” tab. For instance, you can convert DVD to MP4, convert DVD to MKV, convert DVD to AVI, etc.

Choose an output folder and click on “Run”

Step 3. Start Duplicating Your DVDs

Click on the three dots icon at the bottom to specify the output path for saving the duplicated DVD files. Finally, click on the big “Run” button to start the process. DVD Ripper Pro supports hardware acceleration to speed up the duplication process. It only takes minutes to copy a 150 minutes DVD to digital one.

Tips. You can copy DVD with needed subtitles such as forced subtitles, and edit DVD by clipping, cropping and adding special effects.

Now you no longer need much room to store your DVD discs and can play DVD on desktop computers, laptops without a DVD drive and mobile device at ease. Of course, you’re able to edit your DVDs for free personal use. For people who have copied DVD to ISO image or DVD folder, you can also copy the ISO image and DVD folder to a new disc. Here we selected the top free DVD cloners >> The Top 10 Free DVD Burning Software 2021.

Now Free Download the DVD Duplication Software

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a good tool for movies fan, which can not only copy DVD to ISO image/DVD folder for backup and duplication, but also rip DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, MPG, Android phone, iPhone, tablet, HD TV, game console, etc.

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The one-for-all tool can help you to convert any video to over 500 video & audio formats and pop devices, download videos and playlist from YouTube, and cut/crop/merge/split videos. More advanced features can also be useful.

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