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[Tutorials] How to Copy DVD to DVD Correctly on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 etc.

Author by Oswald

September 05, 2019

To back-up your DVD movies, the most solid method is to rip DVD contents to digital files. But perhaps you are more of a disk person looking for another way to prevent possible data loss from old DVD disk scratch, to copy DVD to blank DVD is a good solution. In the following, I’ll show you how to copy DVD to DVD correctly on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 etc.

Here’s an essential tool, a practical and powerful Windows DVD ripper, used for the following tutorials. You can free download it here to get started:

How to Make a Copy of a DVD

How to copy a DVD to another DVD on Windows?How to copy a DVD to another DVD on Windows?

Burn DVD data to a blank DVD isn’t so hard. The tricky part is, unlike hard drive disks or PC local disks, you can’t simply drag & drop or copy & paste DVD data to the place you intend to store them, since DVD copy protections will stand in the way. For example, an error message called error 0x80030309 that comes with the attempt on copying copy protected DVD contents. The bottom line is, to duplicate DVD, a DVD copy protection decrypter is a must.

Now, what to do is pretty clear. The gist is to decrypt or bypass DVD copy protections to rip content, better losslessly, from the original DVD and burn it to a clean blank disk.

Part 1. Rip DVD to Digital Files with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Part 2. Burn Digital DVD Contents to DVD with Imgburn

Part 1. Rip DVD to Digital Files with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro (compatible with Windows) is a highly-recommended DVD ripping tool for you to rip DVD content to digital formats. It can decrypt/bypass Cinavia Protection, DVD CSS, Multi-angle, Sony ARccOS, Region Code, UOP, RCE and Disney X-Project DRM and rip a flawless 1:1 digital duplication of DVD video files.

Tutorial: How to Rip DVD with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Load copy protected DVD into DVD Ripper Pro

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load Copy Protected DVD into the DVD Ripper

To copy DVD to DVD, insert the copy-protected DVD into the DVD drive and launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. Define the destination path at “Output Folder” box below. Then click on “DVD Disc” button, the program will automatically decrypt DVD copy protection and present DVD contents in a list afterwards.

Make DVD digital copy

Step 2. Rip DVD to a Digital Copy

Click on the output format section on the right side, and select “1:1 Quick Copy” category. From within, you can choose two options for 1:1 DVD files ripping.

Plan 1. Rip DVD to ISO files

Plan 2. Rip DVD to DVD folder (Video_TS folder)

The choice doesn’t matter much for later burning process, that’s just for you to decide in what format you’d like to save digital DVD copy. Click on “Run” to start ripping when it’s all set. After a short ripping process, locate the digital copy of your DVD at the output file folder. Now let’s burn it to another DVD with it.

Part 2. Burn Digital DVD Contents to DVD with Imgburn

Imgburn is one of the best free DVD burning software. It’s completely free and open-source and runs on Windows OS, it facilitates your DVD burning work to a good degree with simple operations. Despite the merits, Imgburn is a bit hard to get on for novices, thus I’ll demonstrate how to copy a DVD to another DVD for you.


1. Follow the official download link below to acquire Imgburn for your PC instead of searching online, in order to prevent yourself from malware.

2. Imgburn only burns DVD with ISO file or Video_TS folder, if you’d like to burn DVD with videos (MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc), you’d have to choose other DVD burners, like DVD Flick, DVDStyler.

3. Sometimes, when burning DVDs, you might get “Too big for DVD” message, the reason is the target DVD doesn’t have enough capacity. Copying DVD9 to DVD5, for instance. In that case, you might as well acquire a blank DVD with enough capacity. Otherwise, you can opt to compress DVD to video formats like MP4, which naturally brings about the loss of contents an quality, thus I wouldn’t suggest you do so.

4. Watch out the ads on the websites and redundant program & toolbar during the installation!

How to make a copy of a DVD using ImgburnHow to make a copy of a DVD using Imgburn

Step 1. Download ImgBurn at its official site:

Step 2. To burn copies of DVDs, install and launch Imgburn. Click the “Write image file to disc” (ISO) or “Write files/folders to disc” (DVD Folder)

Select the DVD digital copy to burnSelect the DVD digital copy to burn

Step 3. Click tab “File” > “Browse for a source file” to load the source file into the program. After that, select the DVD Read/Writer Drive.

Copy DVD to DVD with ImgburnCopy DVD to DVD with Imgburn

Step 4. Make sure the DVD RW drive is well connected to your PC and define it as the destination. Finally, click the “Write” button to start to burn ISO to DVD. Now, we’ve managed to copy DVD to DVD.

At last...

I hope you have benefited from this guide and can make DVD to DVD copies on your own from now on. Please note that WonderFox doesn’t advocate pirate, copying DVD to DVD for distribution and commercial purposes is not condoned. And please make sure DVD ripping is legal in your country.

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A Cure-all to Your DVD & Video Issues

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