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How to Fix Audio Codec Not Supported Samsung TV?

Author by Blues

Nov 01, 2019

Do you play videos on Samsung TV yet find there is no sound? If you are in such a situation, you most likely meet the audio codec not supported Samsung TV error. This article will deal with this error for you. With the recommended helper, you can play any videos/audio on your Samsung TV. Here we go!

Why Samsung TV Plays Videos without Sound?

Q: I'm using a USB hard drive that contains MKV files and I plan to play them on my Samsung TV. In some files I'm getting a message that the audio is not supported and the movie runs without sound. Why? Are there any information and solutions appreciated?

A: In today's society, the smart TV has become an indispensable part of our lives. We use it to watch TV, play games, shop, sing a song and do other entertainment activities. Among many smart TV brands, Samsung TV has been popular with the public for its excellent outfit and advanced functions and more and more people would like to purchase it. However, some users have reported that when they played local videos via USB without sound, even the format supported by Samsung TV.

There are two situations about the playback error. One is no picture, the other is no sound, and the causes leading to these two problems are either the video codec not supported Samsung TV or the audio codec not supported Samsung TV. Although the supported Samsung TV codecs and formats have been listed on Samsung TV website, sometimes you may find Samsung TV doesn’t normally play a video that supposed to. Why? Because a video format is only a container that stores video and audio tracks. The video codec is for compressing video tracks and audio codec is for audio tracks. So long as any of the codecs are not supported, the video can’t be played normally. The case above is caused by Samsung TV audio codec not supported. By looking through the Samsung official site, we can find the most popular Samsung TV video codec is H.264 and audio codec is AAC. In order to fix audio codec not supported Samsung TV issue, you just need to change the audio codec in video rather than converting the file to Samsung TV audio format.

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How to Fix Audio Codec Not Supported Samsung TV with Samsung TV Converter?

To fix the issue that audio codec is not compatible with Samsung TV, it is necessary to find a professional converter. If you still have not found a workable Samsung TV converter, you can try WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can convert videos to be compatible with Samsung TV and solve audio codec not supported Samsung TV error effectively. Of course, apart from changing audio codecs, this program features converting videos/audio to over 300 digital formats & devices, for example, you can convert AAC to AC3, AAC to MP3 and more. Next, I will take MKV as an example to demonstrate the specific steps of changing Samsung TV audio codec.

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A Simple Tutorial about Changing Audio Codecs for Samsung TV

Import the Video File Not Playing

Before starting changing Samsung TV codec, please free downloadfree download and install this converter on your computer.

Step 1. Import the Video File Not Playing

After installing the software, double click the software on the desktop to launch it. Enter Converter option, then click Add Files to add video files or drag and drop the files into the conversion window.

Choose MKV Format and AAC Encoder

Step 2. Choose MKV Format and AAC Encoder

Firstly, please hit the Output format button on the right of the conversion window to choose MKV format under Video tab. Then. hit Parameter Settings button below the Output format button. In parameter settings interface, you will see many videos and audio parameters, and you can change them as you like, for instance, changing video resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio, choosing audio channels, etc. Now, head to the Audio Settings to open the Encoder list and select AAC codec. Lastly, hit Ok button to save changes.

Start the Conversion Process

Step 3. Start the Conversion Process

OK, firstly, click on the inverted triangle icon to set the output folder, then you can start to convert audio codec to the best Samsung codec. Just press Run button to launch the conversion process. With the help of this tool, you can convert videos to audio and increasing video volume.


Now, audio codec not supported Samsung TV issue has been fixed easily. If you have the similar problems like video codec not supported Samsung TV, welcome to contact us anytime and anywhere. Good Luck!

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