An audio file saved in .adts extension seems to be strange to most people. As it's not a common audio format like MP3, you'll probably run into playback failure due to incompatible format or codec. If you're still fooling around for an efficient solution, this article will never let you down, which has gathered up 4 simple methods to convert ADTS to MP3. Read on!
Kevincy | Mar 11, 2021
Quick Start:

Well, ADTS, stands for Audio Data Transport Stream, is actually a container format for AAC-encoded audio, particularly used for real-time audio streaming over the Internet. Therefore, most people are not impressed with this audio file type. Not surprisingly, ADTS file is also incompatible with frequently-used devices and applications, which is the reason why people are prone to converting ADTS audio to universal MP3 format. Given this, I've compiled 4 free ADTS to MP3 converters below.

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Solution 1 - Free Desktop ADTS to MP3 Converter

Free HD Video Converter Factory is more than a free video transcoder, thanks to its powerful built-in encoders and decoders, it is also capable of audio format conversion with ease. In addition, it comes with music/video downloading and basic editing features, especially for zero-based green hands. Now download and install this free app and follow the steps below.

Convert ADTS Audio to MP3 Free & Fast
Failed to play ADTS audio files? Free HD Video Converter Factory is right here to help solve audio format incompatibility issue. More handy features are as follows:
  • 3 steps to convert ADTS to MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG...
  • 500+ presets available for simple format conversion.
  • Trim, merge ADTS audio with an entry-level editor.
  • Download music/song/audiobook from YouTube and 300+ sites.
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    Step 1. Run Free HD Video Converter Factory and open "Converter". Drag ADTS audio files into the interface.

    Step 2. Press format profile on the right side to unfold the whole list. Head over to "Audio" category and select "MP3" if you want to convert ADTS to MP3. You can also select other preferred audio format right there.

    Step 3. Specify a directory to save the converted MP3 files. Lastly, click "Run" button to convert ADTS files to MP3.

    Tips: This freeware allows you to trim or merge audio files in a simple method. For experienced users, you can also click "Parameter settings" button to change MP3 bitrate, adjust sample rate or increase MP3 volume, etc. Moreover, it's equipped with a downloader that enables you to download music/track/song/audiobook/album from YouTube and 300+ mainstream websites, for example, convert YouTube to MP3.

    Solution 2 - Convert ADTS to MP3 Using VLC

    I bet there is no need to introduce the free, open-source and cross-platform multimedia player - VLC Media Player. To your surprise, it can not only serve as an ADTS file player, it also enables you to convert ADTS to MP3. Install or update your VLC through, and let's see how it works.

    Step 1. Run VLC, click "Media" on the top menu bar and select "Convert/Save", or directly press the hotkeys "Ctrl + R" to open "Open Media" window.

    Step 2. Under "File" tab, click "Add" button to import the ADTS file you want to convert. Then hit "Convert/Save" button to proceed.

    Step 3. Select "Audio - MP3" in the drop-down list of "Profile" section. Next, click "Browse" button to set a destination folder.

    Step 4. Finally, hit "Start" button to convert ADTS file to MP3 format.

    Solution 3 - Convert ADTS to MP3 Using Audacity

    Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. Originally, Audacity doesn't directly export MP3 format due to patent issue, you have to install Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder separately. Good news is, starting from Audacity v2.3.2, LAME MP3 Encoder has been included in Audacity installer. So before going any further, update your Audacity to the latest version via

    Step 1. Run Audacity, click "Edit" button on top menu bar and open "Preferences" window.

    Step 2. Head over to "Libraries" option on the left sidebar. Follow the instructions to install "FFmpeg Import/Export Library", otherwise, you'll fail to import ADTS audio file.

    Step 3. After installing "FFmpeg Library", restart Audacity, now you're able to drag ADTS file into the interface.

    Step 4. Next, you're able to edit ADTS audio, or directly click "File" > "Export" > "Export as MP3". Select "MP3" in the format list. Finally, click "Save" to convert ADTS audio to MP3.

    Solution 4 - Convert ADTS to MP3 Online

    If there are only a few ADTS file to be converted, some online ADTS to MP3 converters are qualified enough for the job. To save your time, I've sort out some websites for your reference below:




    Basically, the operation steps are all the same: import your ADTS file > select MP3 as output format > uploading and converting > download MP3 to local drive.

    Free 3-in-1 Program You Won't Miss Out

    Free HD Video Converter Factory is a completely free program integrated with Video/Music Downloader, Video/Audio Converter and Video/Audio Editor, which provides one-stop processing solution for your basic needs. Without complicated operation, it's fairly suitable for green hands. Download and install this must-have tool. That's enough then.

    Final Words...

    You see, here are 4 workable solutions to ADTS to MP3 conversion without any difficulty, pick any method as you wish. If you know a simpler solution, don't forget to let me know via Facebook Messenger :P. Thanks for reading!

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