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[Solved] 2 Simple Guides on How to Play DVF File and Convert DVF to MP3

Author by Annie

Updated on Feb 23, 2023

As a relatively rare audio format, DVF surely causes some trouble for us. Many media players and devices don't support playing DVF files. So how to open DVF files or just convert DVF to some common formats, like MP3? Here, in this post, we will show you 2 methods to play DVF files and convert DVF. Moreover, if you need to convert your other common audio files, just click the below link to have a try.

Q: I received a. dvf file via email today. I am not computer savvy by any means and am completely frustrated. I have failed over and over again trying to convert DVF to MP3. I would like to know if it's possible to play DVF file.

A: Actually, DVF is a less popular audio format compared with MP3, WMA, WAV and other common audio formats. It is a SONY proprietary "Digital Voice File" format created by Sony voice recorder. Due to its specificity, common media players are unable to recognize or play DVF files. And also, there is no third-party software or online platform that supports converting DVF to MP3. Therefore, make sure not to be misinformed by any form of the advertising. So, you may wonder what the correct way is to open DVF files. If you are confused, I'm sure the following guide will definitely be beneficial for you.

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Method 1 - Play DVF File with Sony Player Plug-in for Windows Media Player

If you are looking for a simple but efficient way to play DVF files, then, the following steps will show you how to open DVF files and play them normally. Simply put, you only need to install a Sony Player Plug-in for Windows Media Player, and then directly open DVF files with the player. Please note that you're supposed to use Windows Media Player version 6.4 or higher versions.

Play DVF Audio with Sony Player Plug-inPlay DVF Audio with Sony Player Plug-in

Step 1. Download the Sony Player Plug-in from the link below and follow the wizard to install it on your computer.

Download Link:

Step 2. After the installation, restart your computer.

Now, you can just double click the DVF file and Windows Media Player will start and begin playback. If you want to convert DVF to MP3, just keep reading, and we will offer you a great method.

Method 2 - How to Convert DVF to MP3 with the Correct Method

The above method is to help you play DVF files on your computer freely and directly. But what if you want to transfer the DVF files to your mobile phones, tablets or other devices? Then, you will still face the "unable to recognize the format" problem. To solve the perplexing issue fundamentally, you really should consider converting DVF to a more popular audio format. Thus, a Sony DVF audio converter is what you need. The most recommended Digital Voice Editor was qualified for the task, but since it has been discontinued and does not support downloading anymore, you can use the Sony Sound Organizer Software instead. Let's take a look at how to convert DVF with Sony Sound Organizer.

First, download Sound Organizer from the below link:

DVF to MP3 ConverterDVF to MP3 Converter

Step 1. Launch the DVF to MP3 converter Sound Organizer, then click "File" on the Menu Bar > choose "Import Recorded Voice File…" to import your wanted DVF file.

Step 2. After the import, you will view your DVF file in "My Library Recording Files". At this time, you can directly play DVF file in Sound Organizer.

Step 3. Right click on the DVF file and choose "Convert and Save", then, you can customize the filename, output path. After that, just select MP3 or WAV as the output format. Click the OK button to continue the conversion.

This is a quick way to convert DVF to WAV or MP3. Just download the DVF converter and have a free DVF converter trial.

Need to Convert DVF to More Audio Format? Try the Recommended Option!

As we mentioned above, with Sony Player Plug-in and Sony Sound Organizer, you can easily play DVF files and convert DVF to MP3 or WMA. But what if you need to convert your converted DVF files to other audio formats, or simply want to convert other audio formats, like converting MP3 to WMA, converting MP3 to AAC, or converting WebM to MP3, etc.? Don't worry. We will introduce to you a wonderful audio converter: HD Video Converter Factory Pro, to help you easily accomplish the conversion task.

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