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2 Easy Solutions to Convert MSV to MP3 and Play MSV Files Directly

Author by Annie

Updated on Feb 21, 2023

As Sony’s exclusive audio format, MSV is not as common as MP3 or other popular audio formats. Lots of media players and devices are not able to play it. So if you have some MSV files but they can’t be recognized by your devices, what a desperate thing! This article is here to save you by introducing 2 easy ways of converting MSV to MP3 and playing MSV files. Moreover, if you need to convert your other common audio files, just download the multifunctional audio/video converter.

Q: I just came across a new format I didn't know about from a Sony Memory Stick voice recorder and it was in the .msv format. Is there a free utility that can convert these files into a more common format (like MP3)? I have Audacity. Would that do it?

A: An MSV file, standing for Memory Stick Voice file, is a proprietary recorded voice file created by some Sony voice recorders. Similar to DVF (Sony Digital Voice File), MSV is also an exclusive audio format of Sony, so some common media players, audio editors, and third-party audio converters can’t support or recognize it, let alone those online audio converters. So if you want to convert and play MSV files properly, the following guide should not be missed.

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Solution 1 - How to Convert MSV to MP3 with the Right MSV Converter

To solve the weak compatibility issue of MSV with other devices, an MSV file converter is necessary to convert MSV to the most universal MP3. Digital Voice Editor used to be able to make it, but now, since it has been officially discontinued and is no longer available for download, so you can use its successor - Sony Sound Organizer Software instead. Just follow the steps to get to know how to convert MSV to MP3:

MSV File Converter to Convert MSV FilesMSV File Converter to Convert MSV Files

Step 1. Click the below link to download and install the MSV to MP3 converter on your computer:

Step 2. The second step to convert MSV to MP3 is to first launch Sony Sound Organizer, then click “File” on the Menu Bar > choose “Import Recorded Voice File…” to import your wanted MSV file.

Step 3. After the import, you will view your MSV file in “My Library Recording Files”. At this time, you can directly play MSV file in Sound Organizer.

Step 4. Right click on the MSV file and choose “Convert and Save”, then, you can customize the filename and output path. After that, just select MP3 or WAV as the output format. Click OK button to continue the conversion. After the conversion, you can now transfer the converted MSV file to any device and play it.

Solution 2 - Install Sony Player Plug-in for Windows Media Player

MSV Player to Play MSV FilesMSV Player to Play MSV Files

If you only want to solve the issue of how to open MSV files, then, there is another way to help you. Just with Sony Player Plug-in installed, Windows Media Player can become an MSV player capable of playing MSV files directly. Follow the steps to play MSV files on Windows Media Player.

Please note that this method can only be used in some editions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and Windows Media Player version 6.4 or higher version is required.

Step 1. Download the Sony Player Plug-in with the link below and follow the operation procedure to install it on your computer.

Step 2. After the installation, restart the computer. Now, you can just double click the MSV file and Windows Media Player will start and begin playback.

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Just like the tutorial says, with Sony Sound Organizer, you can easily convert MSV to MP3 or WAV. But what if you need to convert your converted MSV files to other audio formats, or convert other audio to more formats, like converting MP3 to WMA, converting MP3 to AAC, or converting MP2 to MP3, etc.? Just try HD Video Converter Factory Pro, it can perfectly fulfill all the conversion task with the highest speed.

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