How to Add or Remove Subtitles without Re-encoding the Video?

If you want to add subtitles to a video or remove the built-in subtitles, you don’t need to re-encode the entire video as it can take much time and system resources. Instead, you can modify the subtitles only, and the process is lossless and much faster than converting the whole video file. In the following, just let me show you how to add and remove subtitles without re-encoding the video in detailed steps.

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Michelle | Nov 24, 2022

How to Add Subtitles to a Video without Re-encoding?

How to Remove Subtitles from Video without Re-encoding?


1. Video encoding means video compressing. Re-encoding a video is to compress the video again, and it will cause some quality loss if you encode with lossy formats.

2. You cannot add hardsub without encoding because subtitle hardcoding involves burning subtitles into the video, which is an encoding process.

3. To avoid video re-encoding when adding or removing subtitles, it requires the subtitles to be soft-coded.

How to Add Subtitles to a Video without Re-encoding?

A special program is needed to merge or remove subtitles in a video without re-encoding. And here, I recommend an easy video converter program WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to help deal with the task. It can convert video files without re-encoding, and in the meantime, it allows you to add and remove subtitles or even audio tracks easily. The tutorial below shows you the steps to add subtitles to MP4 without encoding. But you can also add subtitles to MKV with the same steps.

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Step 1. Add a Video to the Program

Open HD Video Converter Factory and enter the “Converter” module. Next, click “Add Files” to import your video into the converter. You can also drop the video file here directly.

Note. The source video should be an MP4 or MKV.

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

On the right side of the converter, click on the format image to open the output format page. Then, go to the “Video” category and choose MP4 or MKV as the output.

Tips. MP4 and MKV are the formats that support soft subtitles.

Step 3. Add a Subtitle File

Now, in the video task, click the “+” button next to the “T” box to add an external subtitle file, such as .srt. Then you will see the subtitle loaded in the “T” box. By default, the subtitle type is set as “CC” (closed caption) for MKV and MP4 output. Yet, if you see an “H”, click on the “H” and change the subtitle type to “CC.” This step will ensure that the subtitles are to be wrapped in the video container instead of being burned in.

Step 4. Export Video with Subtitles without Re-encoding

Finally, choose an output folder at the bottom of the program and hit “Run” to export the video with subtitles without converting.

Tips. The lightning icon in the middle of the video task indicates a no re-encoding process. Yet, it will still take a few seconds because it needs to make a copy of the original video.

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How to Remove Subtitles from Video without Re-encoding?

With the software provided in the previous part, you can also remove subtitles from your videos without re-encoding, provided that the subtitles are soft-coded. The steps are similar. Here is the simple workflow of how to remove subs from a video without converting the file.

Step 1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory [Quick Download Quick Download] on your desktop and open the “Converter.” Then add your video to the program.

Step 2. Click to open the output format page on the right side of the converter and choose an output video format. It is advised that you keep the same video format.

Step 3. In the video task, click the Subtitle Option (“T”) and select the subtitle track you want to keep and the others will be removed. If you want to remove all subtitles, select none. Then, make sure that the subtitle settings are set as “CC” to avoid video re-encoding.

Step 4. Click “Run” to export the final video without re-encoding.

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In fact, if you simply want the subtitle to show up during the video playback, you can place the subtitle file in the same folder as the movie and then use VLC to playback the video with the subtitles. VLC allows you to easily turn on and off the soft subtitles and even accepts adding an external subtitle file. But if your media player cannot work well with the external subs, you’d better wrap the sub files into the video container (or even burn the subtitles into the video). And with the method introduced here, you can remove and add subtitles to a video without re-encoding. Now, just download download the program to complete your work!

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