How to Convert MKV to MP4 with Multiple Audio Tracks?

Nov 7, 2022
  • Download Download the professional video converter and
  • 1. Add your .mkv file with multiple audio tracks.
  • 2. Choose MP4 as the output format.
  • 3. Select the audio tracks you want to keep.
  • 4. Start conversion at once.
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How to Convert MKV to MP4 and Keep All Audio Tracks?
More Tips on MKV Conversion with Multiple Audio Tracks

Due to its capacity for holding unlimited video and audio streams, MKV is often used to create videos with dual or multiple audio tracks. But there are occasions you may need to convert such an MKV to MP4, yet you don’t want to lose the audio tracks. This article can show you a quick and easy method to do it. Read on and learn detailed steps to convert MKV to MP4 with multiple audio tracks below.

How to Convert MKV Files to MP4 and Keep Dual/Multiple Audio Tracks?

To convert MKV with multiple audio tracks, a dedicated video converter is required. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a powerful and professional video converter program. It is also the simplest and the best of its kind that can help you convert MKV to MP4 while keeping all audio streams (and subtitles if you want). It’s only a few simple clicks to complete this conversion, and it allows you to do batch conversion as well. Moreover, it comes with support for hardware acceleration, which can significantly speed up the process.

Video conversion in HD Video Converter is easy. With the tutorial below, you can free download free download this software to start your MKV conversion with multiple audio tracks now.

Versatile HD Video Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro makes it easier than ever to convert all mainstream video and audio files with customizable settings. In simple clicks, you can convert MKV to MP4 and keep all desired audio and subtitle tracks.

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1. Add the Source MKV File

Start HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC and click to open the “Converter” program. Next, click +/Add Files/Add Video Folder, or simply drag-and-drop your MKV files here.

Tips. At the bottom of the program, you can choose an output folder in advance.

Step 2. Choose MP4 as the Export Profile

On the right side of the program, hit on the format image to open the output format list. Then, head to the “Video” category and select “MP4” as the new container format.

Tips. This converter program provides customizable settings, including a/v codec, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, and so on, in the “Parameter settings.” By default, these parameters will be kept the same as the source. But you can modify the settings to your liking freely.

Step 3. Choose Needed Audio Tracks

In the video conversion list, click the “Audio Track” box to unfold the drop-down list. Now, select all the audio tracks you want to keep.

Tips. You can add an external audio track to the video by clicking the “+” button next to it.

Step 4. Convert MKV to MP4 with Multiple Audio Tracks

Finally, click “Run” to start the conversion.

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More Features of HD Video Converter
  • Record computer screen and audio;
  • Download SD/HD/4K/8K videos from YouTube;
  • Compress large video files while keeping quality;
  • Cut and join audio/video without limit.
Download for Free
Download for Free

More Tips on MKV Conversion with Multiple Audio Tracks

Besides the MKV conversion with HD Video Converter, if you are familiar with command lines, you can try conversion with FFmpeg, the most powerful open-source program for handling video and audio files. Use this code in your FFmpeg to convert MKV to MP4 with multiple audio tracks kept.

ffmpeg -i "input filename.mkv" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -map 0 "output filename.mp4"

However, if you want a simple solution, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is your go-to option.

That’s all I want to share about how to convert MKV files to MP4 and keep all audio tracks. I hope the methods provided can solve your problem. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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