How to Add Audio Track to an MKV File without Re-encoding?

Jun 10, 2022
  • Download Download the video/audio processing program and
  • Step 1. Import MKV file.
  • Step 2. Choose MKV as the output format.
  • Step 3. Add audio track to MKV.
  • Step 4. Export the final file.
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How to Add Audio Track to MKV?
1. Input Source File
2. Select MKV Container
3. Add Audio to MKV
4. Output MKV with multi-audio Tracks

“How to add new audio to an .mkv video file? I have an .mkv file, and I want to import a new audio track to it without re-encoding the video or losing quality.”

“I have an English language movie in MKV format. I also have the same movie in a different language, but it has a poor quality. What I want is a single video file (having the better quality) with two audio tracks. How can I add another audio track to the .mkv file?”

The Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) is the perfect distribution format for movies as it can hold various video, audio, or subtitle tracks in one file. When you are not satisfied with the audio track in the MKV movie, you can replace the audio track or add a new one using a dedicated video audio processing program. In the following, we provide a powerful video/audio tool to help you easily add an audio track to MKV without video re-encoding. Just read and follow.

How to Add a Second Audio Track to an MKV File?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an AIO program with various video and audio solutions. One practical function is to add audio track to video. It supports adding multiple audio tracks to MKV, MP4, and MOV. And it can rewrap the audio into the .mkv container without re-encoding the video. So the process will be fast and won’t affect the video quality. Beyond that, it can also remove audio tracks from MKV, add/remove subtitles to MKV, and more. The audio-adding steps are simple. Now, free download free download the software and follow the instructions to insert an additional audio track into the MKV movie.

Note. Make sure that the audio and the video are the exact same length so you don’t have an “audio out of sync” problem.

Add Audio to MKV

HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers the easiest and quickest solution to add audio tracks to an existing MKV file without re-encoding the video. It is simple, fast, and efficient. Have a try now!

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1. Import MKV to the Program

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC and open the “Converter” program. Next, click the center + button to load your MKV file into the task list. You can also drag the source video into the program directly.

Step 2. Select the Same Output Format

Go to the right side of the program and hit on the format image to open the output format list. Navigate to the “Video” category and choose “MKV” as the output video container.

Tips. You can choose “MP4” which supports multiple audio tracks as well.

Step 3. Add Audio Track to MKV

Now, at the task list, click the + button beside the Audio track option to add a local audio file as the new track. Don’t forget to select the audio tracks from the Audio track drop-down menu.

Tips. At the “Parameter settings,” you can further change the audio settings like bitrate, sample rate, and the channels as the original. In this way, you can avoid audio transcoding.

Step 4. Export the Final File

Click the bottom triangle button to set an output folder or leave it as default. Finally, hit “Run” to export the file. It should complete soon as it won’t re-encode the video data.

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That’s the whole process of how to add an audio track to MKV. With the same video audio tool, you can also improve video quality, compress large videos, download website movies and music, record PC screen, etc. Download Download the software to explore more exciting features.

That’s all for now. I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading!

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