[3GP to GIF] How to Make an Animated GIF from 3GP Video?

Updated on Jul 19, 2022
  • Free downloadFree download the versatile 3GP to GIF maker and follow the simple steps to make an animated GIF from a 3GP video.
  • Step 1. Open GIF Maker and import a 3GP video file.
  • Step 2. Trim the desired moments.
  • Step 3. Customize GIF settings.
  • Step 4. Press "Create GIF" button to convert 3GP to GIF easily.
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How to Make a GIF from 3GP Video Readily?
Step 1 - Open GIF Maker
Step 2 - Import 3GP Video
Step 3 - Customize GIF Settings
Step 4 - Convert 3GP to GIF

Wanna make some custom animated GIF images to extract the specific share-worthy moments from your well-preserved .3gp video files? But when you input "make GIF from 3GP" and the like words in a search engine, most online websites can only export a full-length and large GIF file. Obviously, that's not what we want. To this end, I'll recommend a desktop 3GP to GIF converter to trim a snippet and facilitate the workflow efficiently.

How to Make a GIF from 3GP Video Readily?

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-purpose video/audio processing toolkit. But don't underestimate it because of the bog-standard name. With a suite of practical modules incorporated, this program is fully adequate for a handy 3GP to GIF converter, allowing you to either make an animated GIF from a .3gp video file or make GIF with the image sequence in a much easier way.

Without further ado, free downloadfree download this program below and let's get started.

Hassle-Free 3GP to GIF Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro brings you a new experience to make GIF from 3GP video efficiently. Thanks to its intuitive GUI, it's quite simple to select your favorite moments to make a GIF in any length and resolution, even if you're not tech-savvy. Free download this application and start your first experience.

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1 - Open GIF Maker

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, hover your mouse over "GIF Maker" button and select "Convert Video to GIF" option to open the 3GP to GIF converter.

Tips: This utility is fully functional with five main modules integrated, which covers "Converter", "Downloader", "Recorder", "GIF Maker" and "Toolbox". Therefore, you can create an animated GIF with a flexible combination of them. For example, make a GIF from recording video, make a GIF from YouTube video, etc.

Step 2 - Import 3GP Video

Click on "Add Video" button on the top menu bar to import the 3GP video you want to make a GIF from. Alternatively, just drag and drop the 3GP video into the media player section. After that, you can see some basic video information like duration, video resolution, frame rate, etc.

Step 3 - Customize GIF Settings

  • Select the Highlight

Drag both sliders or input the start and end time to select your favorite moment in the 3GP video. Click "Play" button to preview the selected section.

  • Modify GIF Resolution

Select "Custom resolution" option to input the values of GIF Width and Height. Keep "Constrain proportion" marked to avoid image distortion.

  • Change Frame Rate

Input the image number per second as you wish. The smaller the number, the faster the GIF plays.

  • Determine GIF Quality & Time Delay

Choose the output GIF quality and time delay for each frame as you wish.

Step 4 - Convert 3GP to GIF

When everything is all set, choose a destination folder to save the animated GIF. Lastly, click "Create GIF" button to make GIF from 3GP video.

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More Highlights of this 3GP to GIF Converter...
  • Make animated GIFs from video or image sequence with ease.
  • Download HD/FHD/2K/4K/8K videos from YouTube & 1000+ sites.
  • Record live streams, gameplay, webinar, webcam, video call/tutorial...
  • Convert video to 500+ configured presets in batches.
  • Trim, merge, flip, crop, rotate, watermark video with ease.
  • Compress large-sized videos with minimal quality loss.
  • Modify video parameters in an intuitive and handy way.
  • Make ringtones, add/extract subtitles, make split-screen video & more...
Download for Free
Download for Free

Final Words...

As you can see, it's pretty simple to convert 3GP to GIF with this handy utility. Most importantly, by making full use of the application with the combination of different modules, you can process video and audio files like a Pro without any difficulty. Simply free downloadfree download the all-in-one 3GP to GIF converter and explore more practical features.

That's all. If this post is helpful to you, don't hesitate to share it through your social media. Cheers!

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