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Reliable MOV to GIF Makers - How to Convert MOV to GIF Online and Offline

Author by Cooper

Updated on July 14, 2022

Please don't waste time trying futile MOV to GIF makers anymore, which do not offer video editing options. To offer you better experience in converting MOV to GIF, I elaborately choose a reliable online GIF maker and an intuitive and powerful desktop GIF maker. Download it first for preparation.

GIFs have many advantages that video files or static image files lack. For example, compared with videos, GIF images are easier to add while creating web pages and have lower requirements for hardware while rendering GIFs. And compared with static images, GIF has a better expressiveness. These features make GIFs more popular on social platforms. Since GIFs are so widely used, do you feel like making unique GIFs youself? In addition to downloading GIFs, converting images to gifs, I will introduce two methods to convert MOV to GIFs to you.

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Solution 1. Convert MOV to GIF via HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a user-friendly and multi-functional video & audio converter. In addition to converting MOV to GIF, it also supports downloading videos from Facebook and hundreds of online video and music sites, such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube and so on. Besides, it is also a YouTube videos to GIF converter. Now, let's take a look at the following tutorial on converting MOV to GIF.

3 Steps to Convert MOV to GIF Using the Recommended Desktop GIF Maker

Desktop GIF Maker

Steps 1: Import MOV into the GIF Maker Window

free downloadFree download the MOV to GIF converter, install and launch it. Hover your mouse over the GIF maker button and subsequently click Convert Video to GIF and the MOV to GIF converter window will pop up. Click Add Files to import an MOV video or directly drag and drop it into the conversion window.

Step 2: Preview GIF Part and Customize Parameters

Move the sliders to choose your desired part or manually fill in the accurate start and end time. After that, you can click Play to preview the cutted part. Then customize the GIF resolution, frame rate, and time delay. Personally, you should try the default settings, which offer a good GIF output.

Step 3: Start MOV to GIF Conversion

Click the inverted triangle to select a GIF output path. Lastly, press Create GIF to start the conversion. It is worth mentioning that the offline conversion only takes a little while.

Solution 2. Converter MOV to GIF via Online GIF Maker

When you try to convert MOV to GIF online and search for MOV to GIF converters, most results you get are online converting websites. The convenience of online converters is undeniable, but in the meantime, you may encounter many pretty upsetting problems, such as not responding, file size limit, full of ads, stuck when uploading files, no video editing option, etc. Through my effort, I finally found two reliable online GIF converters that offer workable cutting functions – Online Converter and HNET Converter. So, let us take a look at the tutorial on converting MOV to GIF via the 2 online converters. Here HNET Converter is taken as an example.

Online GIF maker

Step 1: Copy and Paste the URL into a browser.

Step 2: Click Upload a video to upload an MOV file. You are allowed to upload a file limited to 100MB.

Step 3: Input the start and end time and preview the cutted section. Afterward, you can also customize the parameters based on your needs.

Step 4: Click Convert Now and wait for a while. As soon as the conversion is finished, click Download to save your GIF.

At last...

Now, you have learned how to convert MOV to GIF via desktop and online converters. Try the most user-friendly offline MOV to GIF converter to customize your GIFs, which, compared with online ones, is free from network and file size limit, more efficient and stable. Benefitting from the advanced GPU acceleration technology, HD Video Converter Factory Pro converts up to 50 times faster in making GIFs and encoding videos to other digital media formats.

Free Download Free Download

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