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Convert WMV to GIF with Desktop and Online Solutions

Author by Michelle

Updated at Aug 12, 2020

Having spotted an interesting clip in a WMV video but couldn't turn it into a GIF to share with friends? You've come to the right place, I've got you covered. Just keep on reading to find out how to convert WMV to GIF. But first, please accept the gift I chose for you:

What is WMV and Why Converting WMV to GIF

WMV(Windows Media Video) is a video format developed by Microsoft. It is often used to store videos in Windows. You can see many contents in a WMV video, and occasionally, you might come across some fantastic moments in the video. On the other hand, it is human nature to share good stuff with people around and this clip situation is no exception. However, it is too much for you to share the whole video with others. You just want part of the video to be shared and that's where GIF comes to play. By making a video into GIF, you can benefit from size-saving and convenience it brings.

Keep on reading to discover the best 2 ways to convert WMV to GIF.

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Part 1. How to Convert WMV to GIF Using Desktop Video Converter

As it has been mentioned before, you can benefit a lot from turning WMV into GIF. But in order to maximize the advantage you could get, firstly you need to choose the right video to GIF converter. Here I recommend the one-and-only WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to make your experience of converting WMV to GIF unique and wonderful. Apart from converting WMV to GIF, this software also supports many other video formats for GIF-making, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. It can also make GIFs from photos. Just have a try and more surprises are waiting for you!

Video to GIF Converter

Step 1: Open Video to GIF Converter

For a better experience, please free downloadfree download the software to get started.

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, move your mouse to “GIF Maker”, and click on “Convert Video to GIF”

Import and Trim WMV

Step 2: Import WMV and Trim the Wanted Part

Click “Add Video” on the top left corner and import your video into the program, you can also drag your video directly into this window. In the bottom area, you can select the wanted part by either moving the marker under the video or setting a specific time zone.

Convert MWV to GIF

Step 3: Start to Make a GIF

If necessary, on the right side of the video, you can define the parameters of your GIF. You can also “Keep original resolution” or choose “Custom resolution” to specify the width and height of your GIF. Then, go and change the frame rate that affects the fluency of the GIF. The output quality is also up to you. You can also drag the slider to change the time delay for each frame. Don’t forget to choose the location where you want the GIF be saved or just keep the default setting. At last, click “Create GIF” to start conversion.

Part 2. How to Convert WMV to GIF Online

You can also use online video to GIF converter to convert WMV to GIF. However, there are dozens of sites offering a solution to this kind of conversion, and many of which have annoying ads and misleading information, you have to be careful enough as not to be deceived. Here I have filtered out one safe and easy online video to GIF converter - Convertio for you. Go and find out more details.

Import WMV Online

Step 1: To convert WMV to GIF online, first you need to visit Then import video from your local folder, Dropbox, Google Drive or directly enter an URL to this website.

Convert MWV to GIF Online

Step 2: If you have more videos to convert, you can click “Add more files”, then make sure the output format is “GIF”. Finally, hit “Convert” button to start conversion.

Save GIF to PC

Step 3 After the conversion, click “Download” to save your GIF to PC.

The process to convert video to GIF using Convertio may take long, please wait patiently for it to complete. Also, files over 100MB cannot be uploaded on the website.


The above-mentioned two methods are tried-and-true solutions to WMV to GIF conversion. You can choose either way to begin your MWV-to-GIF making process. If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share it with other people!

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