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Desktop and Online Solutions for Converting MKV to GIF

Author by Michelle

Updated on Jun 23, 2022

Need to convert MKV to GIF? Here we provide step-by-step guide on how to create GIF from MKV with offline and online MKV to GIF converters. For the best output result, you are recommended to use this offline GIF maker and keep reading:

MKV is a popular video format we often encounter in our daily life. It often stores high-quality videos and movies. Sometimes, we see a beautiful scene or a hilarious clip in an MKV video, we can convert MKV file to GIF for easier sharing with friends. But how to change MKV to GIF easily? Don’t worry. We already have two simple solutions to help you convert MKV file to GIF. Read on for more details.

Convert MKV File to GIF with Desktop GIF Converter

The tool used here is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It is not that well-known but is loved and supported by a growing fan base. We recommended it here because of its high quality and efficiency. The GIF Maker function can help you to turn MKV into GIF smoothly, it can also be used to convert other video to GIF, images to GIF, and vice versa. Apart from the GIF-making feature, this program boasts many other powerful functions, including video/audio conversion, downloading, screen recording, etc. The following steps will show you how to complete MKV-GIF conversion with this software. You can free download the GIF maker and follow the instructions.

Free Download Free Download
Import MKV to GIF Maker

Step 1. Import MKV to GIF Maker

InstallInstall and run WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Move the mouse to “GIF Maker” and click on “Convert Video to GIF”. In the new interface, hit “Add Video” on the top left corner to choose your MKV video, then click “Open” to import, or you can directly drag your video into this program.

Trim the Wanted Part and Change the Parameters

Step 2. Customize Your GIF

Under the video player, you can drag the blue markers to clip a section or set a specific time zone to select the wanted part. Then, click the play icon below the slider bar to preview the selected part. On the right side of the window, you can change the resolution, frame rate, and output quality at your will or just simply leave it as default.

Start Conversion

Step 3. Convert MKV to GIF

At the bottom area of the interface, click on the inverted triangle icon to choose an output path for your GIF file. Finally, hit “Create GIF” to turn the MKV video into GIF which might last a few seconds.

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Convert MKV File to GIF with Online GIF Converter

There are many online GIF makers for you to convert MKV to GIF online. But lots of them are filled with ads or malicious information. You have to be cautious enough so as not to be fooled. Or you can have a look at the below online GIF converter which has been carefully selected. Convertio is a well-established website aiming to help convert files online. It also supports documents, images, videos, and audio conversion. Next, I will show you how to make GIF from MKV with Convertio.

MKV to GIF Conversion with Online Convertio

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Choose a way to upload your file to this website. You can click on “Choose Files”, or import the file from Dropbox and Google Drive, or enter the URL link, or simply drag and drop files to get ready for later file-uploading.

Step 3: Then make sure the output format is GIF. Click “Convert Now” to start the uploading and conversion. (Tips: This might take a while, please wait patiently for it to complete. Click “Add more files” to create batch conversion.)

Step 4: Finally, hit “Download” to save your GIF to your local drive.


Between the desktop and online solutions, I personally would prefer the desktop one for it is more efficient and convenient. From my experience, uploading/converting an MKV file online is time-consuming, especially when your video is of large size. Moreover, the online converter has size limitation, you can only free upload the file under 100M. The most annoying thing is that you can't trim the part desired online. The online GIF maker can only turn the whole MKV file to GIF, which is redundant in some cases. Meanwhile, the desktop program is also available for other multimedia solutions, including improving video quality, compressing large videos, downloading website movies and music, recording PC screen, etc. You can have a try at this software and explore more exciting features.

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