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First please download Aoao Video Watermark Pro at: https://www.videoconverterfactory.com/download/video-watermark.exe

Check system requirement >


Main Interface Overview

1. Load video files

2. Remove video file

3. Video item, click the "More" link you can open "Video Information" window

4. Preview window

5. Click to open video effetcs editing window

6. Click to open "Text Watermark" editing window

7. Click to open "Imahe Watermark" editing window

8. Click to open "Shape Watermark" editing window

9. Click to start watermarking process

10. Open output folder

11. Click to check latest version online

11. Option, parameter settings

How to add text/words to video?

1. Load video files, then click "Add Text" button.

Add text to video

2. Enter your words, then click "Add" button to add a layer.

Enter text which you want to show on video

3 (Optional). Click "Font" button to edit font and some text effects such as shadow, stroke effect, distorted text. You can also insert copyright symbols ©, ® and ™

Font setting

4 (Optional). General settings, you can also keep default

text settings

5 (Optional). Mark dynamic effects to text watermrk by timeline editing. Actually, you can do many dynamic effects by the timeline. For example make text display during 00:00:05 to 00:00:15

5-1. Insert key 1 on 00:00:05, set opacity=100

5-2. Insert key 2 on 00:00:15, set opacity=100

5-3. Insert key 3 on 00:00:16, set opacity=0

So, you text watermark will display during 00:00:05 to 00:00:15 only.

Timeline edit

6. After complete text editing, click "Ok" button to save this project and back to main window.

7. Click "Run" button to start video watermarking process.

How to add specially effect to video?

1. Load videos, then click the "magic wand icon", you can make many effects in this window.

Add effect to video

2. Select a effetc and make it on video.

Make effects

How to convert video only?

If you want to convert video without adding watermark, please do as below:

1. Load video, then click "Run" button directly.

Convert video only

2. At this time, software will popup a Tips, please click "Ok" button

Tips when convert video

3. You will goto output window, select a output folder and then click "Run" to start conversion

Convert video settings
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WonderFox Video Watermark

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WonderFox Video Watermark
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