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Change Logs - WonderFox Video Watermark

- v3.3 - Jul 31, 2014

1. The new installation interface, only 2 steps/3 secs.

2.Optimize 10+ features.

3.2 Version - Feb 21th, 2014

1. Enhanced user experience: Account can be activated without new registration after upgrading and installing.

2. Improved video compatibility when converting some video of which partial information is absent.

3. Fixed bug: “Cannot do Run, error”.

4. Fixed bug: When converting silent video, error message box pops up.

3.0 Version - Oct 31th, 2013

1. Fix a bug: convert silent videos to RM format.

2. Newly add “Drag” feature that you can drag your videos into the program effortlessly.

3. Fix a bug: processing display in a wrong way.

4. Fix a bug: when convert video to VCD [PAL] and DVD [PAL], an error message keeps coming out.

5. Fix a bug: when convert video to DVD [NTSC] and VCD [NTSC], the Frame Rate and Resolution of the output video are wrong.

6. Fix a bug: when convert some videos to MPG and select a resolution of 1280x720,the conversion process can’t run.

7. Fix a bug: when convert video to DVD [PAL] or VCD [PAL], the output video is disproportionate.

2.6 Version - Oct 25th, 2013

1. Fixed bug: get error when drag the progress bar

2. Upgraded operational efficiency on Windows 64-bit.

2.5 Version - Aug 25th, 2013

1. Modified icons on UI

2. Added “Remove” button

3. Added right-click option in video list section

4. Optimized video thumbnail showed in video list section

5. Added pop-up tips to “Screenshot” button

6. Modified Output Process interface

2.3 Version (Major update) - May 21th, 2013

1. Support 6 channels video

2. New encoder technique made 30x speed to conversion video.

2.2.1 Version - Mar 28th, 2013

Fix bug on drawing shape watermark

2.2 Version - Oct 10th, 2012

Note: version 2.6 update to 3.0 means this is major updating, details as below:

1. Rewrite encoder base old conversion engine.

2. Improve the quality and stability.

3. Add setting of subtitle.

4. Add VBR (Variable bitrate) mode for HD video conversion.

5. Fix the aspect ratio of screen for VCD and DVD formats.

6. Fix resolution option for 3gp format.

7. Drag file to software list is available.

8. Full support watermark layer and screen mix.

2.1.2 Version - Apr 10th, 2012

1. Keyframe optimized for AVI, RMVB, MP4 video.

2. Speed up for H264 video.

2.1.1 Version - Feb 7th, 2012

The version 2.5 allow un-administrator account install and run software.

2.1 Version - Jul 29th, 2011

1Fixed: Previewing unconventional resolution video has black and white split screen.

Fixed: Click "Cancel" button error when over 20 videos batch watermarking.

Modified: Disable the EXIT button when the watermarking process.

Added:Add a button to allow users check latest version information.

Added: List unsupported files when you adding them.

2.0 Version - Mar 17th, 2011

Added: Output video support high definition (resolution up to 7680*4800, video bitrate up to 50000, support all of hd video)

Added: In selecting watermark interface, add "User-defined" category, user's watermark will be add to here.

Added: Open output folder and select output file by automatically after processed.

Added: Add "Create New Folder" function to installer.

Fixed: Update process can not restart software.

Modified: When cancel image watermark editing interface, all of settiings will be keep.

1.5 Version - Apr 6th, 2011

Fixed: Scrolling text display error in lowercase.

Fixed: Scrolling empty text.

Fixed: List items.

Fixed: Over 10 items can not use scroll bar.

Modified: Upgrade encoding and decoding file (total 8 *.dll file).

1.2 Version - Mar 5th, 2011

Added: Allow scrolling words over 600 characters.

Fixed: Bug of click 'Cancel' button.

Modified: Updating to latest video codec.

1.1 Version - Jan 7th, 2011

Added: All of watermarks with line editing, allow you add rich animation effect in watermark.

Added: Allow add mix effect for image watermark layer.

Modified: Optimize old film effect to best professional.

Added: Allow you make text watermark to scrolling words.

Added: Add FLV and SWF formats for output.

1.0 Version - Aug 11th, 2010

From 2009 Mar. 1st to Aug. 11th, 2010, WonderFox Video watermark released by WonderFox, focus on protecting and watermarking your video file, allows you to embed text, image, logo, sign (include animated) to your video in batch mode. Video watermark has simple operation, friendly interface and high speed process, so the processing of watermarking becomes very easy and fast...

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