How to Watch and Download Movies on Google Drive

Google Drive is a top-rated cloud storage service. It lets users store documents and media content in the cloud and conveniently share files with others. There are many publicly shared movies on Google Drive so many people also use Google Drive as a free movie source. Here are methods on how to watch movies on Google Drive, including useful hacks to find and download Google Drive movies.  

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 30, 2024

1. How to Find Movies on Google Drive

2. How to Watch Movies on Google Drive without Downloading

3. How to Download Movies from Google Drive to Watch Offline

Different from general free movie streaming websites, Google Drive is a totally ad-free service. You would not run into annoying pop ups or intrusive ad banners when browsing content on it, which is the primary reason people like to watch movies on it. But to find and watch a Google Drive movie, you need to take some steps further. Let’s begin with how to find a movie on Google Drive.

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1. How to Find Movies on Google Drive

Google Drive doesn’t include a special Movie or Video category. There is no search filter, as well. The most efficient way to find free movies on Google Drive is to do a browser search.
Just type in movies (or a certain movie title ).
You can further narrow down your search results using more specific description of the movie, for instance, full MKV movie.

Find Google Drive movies

Usually, the browser will display a list of matching results from You need to click into each page until you find out the one you want.

2. How to Watch Movies on Google Drive without Downloading

When you have found the movie on Google Drive, double click the movie thumbnail to open it with the Google Drive built-in player.

Free movies on Google Drive

You can also click the Add shortcut to Drive icon and save the movie to your Google Drive so you will be able to easily find and watch the movie later.

3. How to Download Movies from Google Drive to Watch Offline

However, in practice, some exceptions still exist. For example, the uploader may remove the movie from Google Drive one day, you have an unstable Internet connection, or some movies are not available for preview. In order to watch movies from Google Drive smoothly anytime, you can download them to your device ahead.
There is a download option on the upper right corner of the video Player window, through which you are able to directly save the movie to a local folder.

Download full movies on Google Drive

If you have already saved the movie shortcut to your Google Drive, go to the folder containing it, right click on the movie and select Download.
Google Drive is not only a cloud storage service, but also a file sync tool. You can install Google’s Backup and Sync for Windows or Mac to sync and download movies on PC from Google Drive in the background. The primary advantage of using Backup and Sync is for Google Drive movies download at the same time with one click away.

Google Drive movies sync

After installing this app on your computer, sign into Backup and Sync with your Google Account username and password, go to Preference, select Sync My Drive to this computer > Sync only these folders, and select the folder containing the movies. Finally, click OK.

Batch download Google Drive movies

Movie Downloader for PC

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Bottom Line

It’s all on how to watch movies on Google Drive and download them for offline playback. Plus, a Free Google account has maximum 15 GB of free storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. If you want to store and download more movies, you may upgrade to one of Google advanced plans, remove redundant content to free up more storage, or compress large videos for Google Drive.  

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