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3 Practical Ways to Fix Google Drive Upload Slow for Large Media Files

Author by Oswald

Updated on Oct 20, 2023

Google Drive is a useful online storage service, it features ease-of-use and provides 15 gigabytes space for free, those make it worldwide-welcomed, but many Google Drive users are faced with Google Drive upload slow issue from time to time. In this article, I’ll show you 3 practical ways to solve that problem in different conditions. The situation in which each method is suitable has been summarized at the end of the article, I hope you can find a solution that suits your case.
By the way, here is a program can help you compress, convert videos for Google Drive uploading. Get it here now!

Upload Large Files to Google Drive is Always SlowUpload Large Files to Google Drive is Always Slow

Google Drive is familiar to everyone, as one of the best online drives, Google Drive is renowned for its powerful functions and ease of use, it offers users 15 gigabytes of free storage and practical file retrieval function.

Online storage is a convenient way of storing digital files and it’s so useful indeed. I believe that the merits of online drive have been spread to the most and lead to the fact that people are inclined to save important files online instead of local. The features of online drives - simple, safe and easy-sharing fit our using habits and working pattern nowadays perfectly. But there is one and only drawback of online storage: online storage can never match wired transmission in data transmission speed.

- Google Drive is no exception, plenty of Google Drive users are faced with Google Drive upload speed slow issue from time to time. However hard you tried, nothing seemed to work, Google Drive doesn't seem to make good use of your hardware and bandwidth at all. One might wonder: “How to add a video to Google Drive faster?” Sometimes, 5mb/s upload speed leads to several hours PC bandwidth occupation for only a video uploading. Not to mention that you want to sync your PC data to Google Drive.

It’s foolish just thinking about it, of course, you don’t have all day for that. Now I’ll introduce three ways to fix Google Drive upload slow, each way is simple, useful, practical and easy to master, and the corresponding tools are all clean and safe.

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Part 1. Compress Large Video/Audio/Web Files with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

File-to-drive upload speed is restricted by file size to a large degree. To reduce file size - compress file size to fix Google Drive upload slow differs from the others solutions in its universal usability – that’s a once and for all solution to most file transfer situations and it can apply to all upload-slow scene including but limited to Google Drive uploading. Furthermore, it helps in some Google Drive video not playing issues because large file size leads to much more buffer time. Oh, and save your storage space by the way, isn’t that brilliant?

Without a professional file compressor, one can’t easily compress large files sans data corruption. Tricky as it sounds, but with the help of this powerful Google Drive media compressor, you can manage the job in a breeze.

Outstanding 5X Compression Rate

Different from traditional and common compressor, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro helps every user to compress their media files with more advanced video coding technology, this great video compressor will downsize video with Minimum Quality Loss! And at the same time, downside output video file size with maximum 80% compression ratio, terrific! Thus you are able to free up some storage space on your devices/online drive and greatly speed up upload. Now, I’ll show you how to compress media files with it.

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How to Upload to Google Drive Faster - Compress Media Files with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Fix Google Drive Upload Slow by Compressing Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

*The following contents take a few video files as an example, the operations of audio/web files are pretty much the same.

Step 1: Load the Original Files into the Program

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open Converter, click on the “Add Files” button to load files from local drive.

As mentioned, now we are compressing files by adjusting parameters and transcoding media to advanced encoder, please note that there are specific media formats that Google Drive supports, instead of converting format at will, you might as well transcode the files in the recommended way.

Learn more: Google Drive Video Format Support

Send Large Files Google Drive in Smaller Size

Step 2: Adjust Files’ Parameters and Codecs

Sure you can select “Batch Compression” feature and slide the settings bar to adjust Compression Ratio on the bottom, and the program will utilize the best parameter settings for your choice. However, in order to adapt to different situations, I suggest you manually set parameters.

First, select any preferred format on the right side. Then click on the “Parameter Settings” button below format profile to go to settings window, in most cases, you can choose “H265” or “VP9” as new encoders and adjust frame rate to 24~30fps and slightly reduce bit rate (base on the original bitrate of your video). Then click the “OK” button to confirm the settings and proceed.

Learn more: H265 codec, VP9 codec

At last, specific an output folder to save the compressed video on the bottom. Then click “Run” button to start the compression, you’ll be noticed whether to open output file folder when It’s done.

For a long video that contains some unwanted parts, you can also use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to cut and crop the unnecessary parts to shrink the file size. Splitting a long video into multiple segments is also supported.

Part 2. Upload Large Files with Drive Uploader

Drive Uploader is a useful, safe (It uses HTTPS secure servers) and easy application. It is based off web page, basically designed for everyone who needs to exchange large files, with the help of it, besides, you can upload large files to Google Drive faster, and you are not bound to a maximum size of the individual files and receive large files from your partners, friends, family, colleagues, clients, students etc. Furthermore, Drive Upload provides an easy integration with blogs or websites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and etc) via embedding.

Navigate to and sign up/login to get started.

Drive Uploader to Send Large Files Google DriveDrive Uploader to Send Large Files Google Drive

Step 1:

Create a new uploader first, while you’re at it, you can choose whether to send you a notification after upload and create subfolders with a timestamp for each upload.

After saving new uploader settings, Drive Uploader will automatically generate a URL, click on the “copy link” and paste the URL to address bar (for you to post it to the people that you want to share files with). Actually, simply click the URL will do as well.

Uploading Large Files to Google Drive with Drive UploaderUploading Large Files to Google Drive with Drive Uploader

Step 2:

Then you’ll be led to a new page to add files from local, click on the button or drag your files to the web, then the upload starts without opening Google Drive.

And the upload speed, what to say… not so fast, but much more acceptable.

After uploading, you locate your files at Google Drive > My Drive > “Drive Uploader” folder

Part 3. Use Speed Uploader for Google Drive to Greatly Shorten Uploading Time

Speed Uploader is a Google extension that you can get at Google Web Store (Runs on Chrome,IE10 +,Firefox,Safari ...):

After adding it, you are supposed to be led to a new page – where you operate Speed Uploader. In case you miss it, find it at Chrome browser > type chrome://apps at address bar anytime.

The extension allows you to register folders uploading frequently and upload large files to them directly, to use this app, you have to go to Google Drive and authorize this app or website (not so complicated). Honestly, first sight on the website, crude…there is an instinctive rejection from inside my heart (lol). But, trust me, if you’d be patient enough to learn how to properly use it, it’s excellent acceleration for uploads will blow your mind.

Now, I’ll show you how to speed up Google Drive upload with this powerful extension – Speed Uploader

How to Make Google Drive Upload Faster with Speed UploaderHow to Make Google Drive Upload Faster with Speed Uploader

Step 1: Click on “Login & Authorize” button, login to Google – accept some terms – and you’ll get an application auth code, copy and paste it to the box and click “Login” button.

Step 2: Create new folders or add Google Drive folders to it, then click on the “Upload files to this folder” to upload large files to the folders you just added. At last, drag files to “Upload to” window or click “Select files from your device” button > “upload” button to start uploading.

Additional Part: More Tips to Solve the Slow Google Drive Upload Speed

• Check In-Built Preferences

In order to prevent occupying too much bandwidth (might affect your other programs), sometimes Google Drive will limit the upload speed itself. Enough network condition permitting, you can manually adjust that to fix Google Drive upload slow.

On Desktop: Open Settings of Google Drive> choose Preferences and go to Advanced > select Direct Connection below Proxy > under Bandwidth settings, select Don’t Limit for Download Rate as well as Upload Rate.
On Browser: 2. If you open many tabs on your browser, then it will slow down the upload speed on Google Drive. So close some tabs to solve the Google Drive upload slow issue.

• Clear Browsing Cache

If you use Google Drive in the browser to upload videos, your browser data may have an impact on the upload speed. It is preferable to clear the cache in this instance.

Go to Google Chrome > click the 3 dots in the upper right corner to get More tools > select Clear Browsing Data > tick all choices in the Advanced section > click the Clear data button.

• Enable Hardware Acceleration

It is also recommended that you enable Hardware Acceleration in your browser to increase Google Drive upload performance.

Simply open Google Chrome > click on the three dots in the upper right corner > Settings > scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced Settings > under system, toggle on "Use Hardware Acceleration When Available."

In conclusion:

Three methods to fix Google Drive upload slow focusing on different conditions were introduced above, hope you find the best solution for your Google Drive upload slow dilemma. Thank you for your reading.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro> Pros: Once and for all solution, storage saving; Con: Software installation

Drive Uploader> Pros: Outstanding sharing functions, fits for business users and students, easy-to-use; Con: Mediocre upload speed

Speed Uploader> Pro: Excellent acceleration for large file uploads - fastest way to upload to Google Drive; Con: Unpleasant page surface

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