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YouTube to Google Drive - Practicable Ways to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive No Costs

Author by Blues

Updated on Mar 13, 2023

YouTube has been popular with the public as a video-hosting website that contains countless videos. The number of registered users of this website is growing rapidly and plenty of users are more and more interested in downloading YouTube videos to their personal Google Drives in order to watch anytime. Therefore, to cater to this preference, this article introduces two free and practicable approaches to save YouTube to Google Drive.

Google Drive is an online storage tool, which helps save your media files like music, videos, documents, photos from your local folder or websites. At present, many people would like to add favorite files into this online storage tool in order to free up more devices space. You have learned how to, but you might also want to know how to download your favorite videos from YouTube to Google Drive. This article will tell you the detailed information to help you download YouTube videos to Google Drive.

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Warning: The download method recommended here is only allowed to be used for your personal fair use. Any behavior of copyright infringement is forbidden.

Solution 1 - How to Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive with Save to Google Drive Extension Tool?

When we refer to download YouTube videos to Google Drive, we might firstly consider downloading videos from YouTube directly to Google Drive. However, the YouTube website doesn't offer a video download option to save videos to Google Drive, you need to take advantage of an additional online tool to achieve this task - Save to Google Drive. Now, follow my steps.

Save to google drive extension toolSave to google drive extension tool

Step 1. Go to Google Chrome Store ( to add Save to Google Drive extension onto your chrome.

Step 2. Come into Google Drive to build a new folder named YouTube Downloads.

Step 3. Right click the Google Drive in the webpage to choose Options button, then click Change destination folder button to select the YouTube Downloads folder you set.

Step 4. Open the YouTube website and search for the video you like. Then, copy the video link.

Step 5. At this time, you need to open the other website - KeepVid to create a download link. Paste the copied video URL in the URL box and wait for few seconds. Finally, right click the quality option to choose Save Link to Google Drive option to download YouTube videos to Google Drive. Please note that the download process depends on the file size and the file size limitation is 120MB.

Solution 2 - How to Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive with the Workable Video Downloader?

The Save to Google Drive extension tool provides a simple online method for downloading YouTube videos to Google Drive. However, this way sometimes will be influenced by the net speed and server, even the file size limitation. In order to avoid these issues, here highly recommends a practicable video downloader to you - WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, which features a clean interface and is easy to operate. With the help of this software, you can save YouTube to Google Drive, rip Facebook videos, download Dailymotion videos, etc. The download process is very easy to take in.

Free Download Free Download

Several Handy Steps about How to Download YouTube Videos to Google Drive

Copy the video URL

Before downloading YouTube to Google Drive, please free downloadfree download and install this downloader on your computer.

Step 1. Copy the Video URL

Open YouTube webpage to search for the video you want to download to Google Drive and copy its URL.

Paste and analyze the URL

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the URL

Double click the shortcut of the software on the desktop to launch it. Then go to Downloader, click the + New Download button to set up a new download task and paste the copied YouTube video link into the analyze bar. Next, hit the Analyze button to start analyzing.

Start the download process

Step 3. Start the Download Process

After the analysis is finished, choose the output format in the Download Video list. Click OK to save the change. Next, click the triangle icon close to the Folder button to decide the destination folder. Finally, press on the Download All button to start the download process. When the download is completed, you can upload YouTube to Google Drive from your local folder.

TIPS: If you want to customize some video & audio parameters, such as changing video bitrate, compressing the video size, you can hit the Parameter Settings button below the Output Format button.


In a word, both solution 1 and solution 2 can meet your requirement about how to add YouTube videos to Google Drive. I trust this issue won't bother you anymore. If you want to save YouTube video to Google Drive without any hitch, solution 2 is a better option.

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Download Video Playlist from YouTube and Upload to Google Drive in Batches


WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Do you want to upload videos to Google Drive in batches in order to save your time? WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro comes here. This advanced video downloader supports downloading YouTube video playlist at one go, and you can put those videos in a new folder to upload to Google Drive. Moreover, you can convert videos to other 500+ formats to upload to social websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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