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How to Convert VOB to MP3 with Original Quality
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VOB to MP3: How to Convert VOB to MP3 with Original Quality

Author by Rocabella

Update on May 18, 2020

Want to extract audio from VOB files and play them on portable devices but not sure where to start? If so, you come to the right place. This article will show you how to convert VOB to MP3 for playback on your portable players to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

It is well known that the VOB file is the container format for DVD-Video media and contains the main information of a DVD disc including digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigation contents. However, it cannot be compatible with many players, TV or other common devices. So, we have introduced how to convert VOB to MP4 before. Of course, for concert DVD or opera DVD, some people would like to convert VOB to MP3, and then it can be easy to play on mobile phone, tablet, MP3 player and other portable devices. Hence, this article will show you a perfect solution on how to convert VOB to MP3.

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Two Circumstances for VOB to MP3 Conversion

Usually, there are two typical VOB files that we want to convert. One is to convert the individual VOB files, and the other is to convert VOB files stored in the Video_TS folder along with other IFO BUP files. For different cases, a functional DVD Video Converter is a must.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter stands out from many competitors, it allows you to convert VOB to MP3 with original quality and high conversion speed. No matter individual VOB file or Video_TS VOB file, it can handle well with different solutions. Besides, thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can take control of all the operations and finish the conversion in clicks. Now free downloadfree download the perfect VOB to MP3 Converter and install it on your Windows OS PC!

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Solution 1 - Convert Standalone VOB File to MP3

Steps on How to Convert VOB to MP3

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Click “Add Files” or directly drag VOB file to the program. >> Click “Output Format” and then choose MP3 under the Audio table. >> Set Output folder path and press “Run” to start to convert VOB to MP3.

Convert Video_TS VOB to MP3

Solution 2 - Convert the Whole Video_TS Folder to MP3

If there are many BUP VOB IFO files in the Video_TS folder, then this is a standard DVD folder, but if you just convert VOB separately, it may cause the final file to be incomplete and defective. So if you want to extract audio from VOB, which is to convert Video_TS folder to MP3, the steps are as follows:

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Load DVD. >> Select the DVD folder. >> Select the parent folder of Video_TS folder. >> And then import all files. How to convert Video_TS to MP3: The software will automatically identify and tick the main title, select the MP3 format on the right of the interface, and hit Run to begin the conversion.

Choose Parent Folder to Import

Note: Video_TS folder cannot be directly loaded, so you have to create a new folder and rename it. Then import Video_TS folder to the parent folder. Finally, you should click this new folder when you choose DVD folder.

At last...

So these are the two different solutions for VOB to MP3 conversion, have you got it? If you still have any question about converting VOB to MP3, you can directly contact us. You shouldn’t miss this perfect tool for your conversion process!

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