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How to Shrink Video File Size with 6 Effective Ways
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Video Shrink Software – How to Shrink Video File Size with 6 Effective Ways

Author by Rocabella

May 24, 2018

What are the factors that affect the video size? Is there an easy way to shrink video size? Follow this article to get the best video shrink software as well as 6 simplest ways to make your video smaller. You can free download the recommended file shrinker here:

Why Do We Need to Shrink Video File Size?

1. Email is a very important tool in our lives, but it often shows the video too large to email. Hence, we will shrink video files for email.

2. HD/FHD/UHD videos provide the ultimate visual experience, however, these videos always take up a lot of storage space. We have to reduce video size to free up space.

3. The video file is too large to upload to YouTube. We need to shrink the video size to share it on YouTube.

So, for all sorts of reasons, we need to shrink video file size. Then, an easy-to-use and practical video shrink software is a necessity. You can try the WonderFox video size compressor, which is arguably the best video file shrinker in the industry. It supports almost any video and audio format files. With it, you can make a video file size smaller to fit the size of device capacity or display screen. Now, I'll show you how to shrink a video file by changing parameters. You can now free downloadfree download the video shrink software and follow the steps below to shrink file size.

How to Shrink a Video File with WonderFox Video Shrink Software

How to Shrink File Size

Step 1: Load Videos into Video Shrinker

Firstly, free downloadfree download and install video shrinker on PC. Then, import the video you want to shrink by clicking the "Add Files" button on the top-left corner or directly drag it from the computer.

Step 2: How to Shrink a Video File with ease

There are 6 ways to how to shrink video files, you can choose any one or more of them to do.

(1) Adjust Compression Setting Bar

The easiest way to shrink video files is directly to drag the slider to adjust "Compression Ratio".

(2) Downscale Resolution

With the same other parameters, the higher the video resolution, the larger the video size. Hence, you can click “Settings” button to change video resolution for downsizing video.

(3) Optimize with the Advanced Codec

The more advanced the codec, the better the effect of compression video. You can convert your video to HEVC video and VP9 video by selecting the optimization preset from the video tab of the output format list.

(4) Reduce Bit Rate

In general, the lower the bitrate, the smaller the video size. In "Settings" window, you can reduce bit rate to shrink a video.

(5) Change Frame Rate

If your video is in 60 fps or higher, go to "Settings" screen and change the frame rate to 24 or 30 fps, which will reduce video size to a large extent. It is worth reminding that the frame rate cannot be too low to avoid audio sync problem.

(6) Cut Unwanted Video Part

If there is a section in your video that you don’t want, cut them is a convenient way to shrink the video size. Click “Cut” button and then you can remove the unwanted video part.

Step 3: Export the Shrunk File

When you have finished settings up, click the "Run" button to export the shrunk file.

At last...

So, with this handy video shrinker, it's pretty straightforward to shrink video file size. There is always a right method for your need. You should give HD Video Converter Factory Pro a try and don’t forget to share this article with more people if you think it’s helpful!

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