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The Video Bitrate,the Quality of the Video and the Video Size.
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The Video Bitrate Changes the Quality of the Video

Author by Flora

Updated on Mar 7, 2023

Do you want to know the relationship between video bitrate and video? Do not know the decisiveness of the bit rate? In this article I will tell you about the bit rate related instructions. Here is the best video bitrate changer. You can download it to quickly change the bitrate in video for better video quality.

What is Bitrate and What Does Bitrate Do in Video?

Change bitrate settings for yourselfChange bitrate settings for yourself

The bit rate can change the video quality and file size. When the encoder and resolution are the same, the higher the bit rate, the better the quality.  And with the same encoder and resolution conditions, the lower the bit rate, the smaller the file size. With different encoders, with the same resolution, the software will automatically match the most suitable bit rate that the encoder is suitable for. If it is an advanced encoder, the bit rate is relatively low; while the intermediate encoder needs higher bit rate, but their video quality is the same. In order to make a better quality, in the case of improved resolution, the bit rate needs to be improved, which is the reason why a rising tide raises all boats. It is easy for you to get better quality by changing bit rate. Besides, it can help you to reduce the file size.

How to Change Video Bitrate with HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

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The Relationship Between Video Bitrate and Video Quality

Bit rate videoBit rate video

1. When both the encoder and resolution parameters are fixed, the bit rate is the only factor that determines the quality of the video. The higher bit rate, the better the quality of the video.

2. Generally, the bit rate, the encoder, and the resolution are all corresponding relationships. So there is a table that includes the frequently-used encoders at the common resolution, and the most appropriate bit rate. You can understand by directly watching the table below. (The most appropriate meaning is that the video quality is very good and the file is relatively small.)

H265 (HEVC) and VP9 are top-level encoders; H264 (AVC1) is a mid-level encoder; MPEG4, MPEG2, XVID, DIVX and other encoders are low-level encoders. The higher encoder needs higher bit rate.

SD 720*480 HD 1280*720 FHD 1920*1080 2K 2560*1440 4K 3840*2160
H265 and VP9 800 kbps 2,000 kbps 4,500 kbps 8,000 kbps 18,000 kbps
H264 and AVC1 500 kbps 1,200 kbps 2,600 kbps 5,000 kbps 10,000 kbps
MPEG4, MPEG2, XVID, DIVX and Others 250 kbps 600 kbps 1,300 kbps 2,500 kbps 5,000 kbps

The Relationship Between Video Bitrate and Video File Size

Bitrate and video sizeBitrate and video size

The bit rate is the most crucial factor that determines the size of a video file. The bit rate is proportional to the file size. In a word, the higher bit rate, the larger video file size.

Note: Often, we can see that the larger resolution, the larger video file. (But the video with the same resolution also has a difference in size.) That's because the higher resolution video requires more matching bitrates to achieve good quality. So the main reason is the high bit rate.

The Relationship Between Bit Rate and Conversion Speed

How to change bit rate?How to change bit rate?

In all video conversion software, the higher bit rate, the slower the video conversion speed, and it will consume more system resources.

However, the conversion speed is also related to the encoder. The higher compression ratio, the slower conversion speed at the same bit rate.

Note: In WonderFox Lightning Mode, the conversion speed is not affected by the bit rate

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Copy DVD to Digital Videos and Audio Files and Change Bitrate

Copy DVD to Digital Videos and Audio Files

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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro allows you to copy DVD to digital videos and audio files as well as convert your video to other formats. Besides, it enables you to achieve DVD to ISO and DVD Folder conversion. Moreover, it can help you to handle video (or DVD) editing, trimming, cropping, effect, subtitle... Have a try!

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