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How to Convert VEG to MP4 with Sony Vegas Pro
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How to Convert VEG to MP4 with Sony Vegas Pro

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 28, 2023

Did your computer fail to open VEG files? Do you really know what is a .veg file? How to convert VEG to MP4 for sharing on YouTube easily? If you still have such problems, keep reading, this article will tell you how to finish VEG to MP4 conversion with Sony Vegas Pro easily. Plus, you’ll get a full-featured video converter to record, convert, and edit all types of audio and video files easily. Quickly install this all-in-tool toolkit here:

Q1: I made a video by Sony Vegas Pro 15, and I want to upload the edited video to YouTube, so how can I convert VEG to MP4 first? Does anyone know how to do it?

Q2: VLC cannot recognize my .veg videos, so I’d like to convert .veg to MP4, any idea? Thanks!

A: Actually, VEG files refer to the project files for video editing using Sony Vegas. They are not real video files so you can neither upload them to YouTube nor view them with a player.

So, for solving your problems, this article will share the simplest way to convert the VEG to MP4 using Sony Vegas. Now, let’s go to this step-by-step guide how to convert .veg to MP4.

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How to Convert .veg to MP4 with Sony Vegas?

Preparation for Solving Sony Vegas MP4 IssuePreparation for Solving Sony Vegas MP4 Issue

Step 1: I believe that people who want to convert VEG to MP4 must have downloaded Sony Vegas. If not, you can go to its official website to download:

Note: Vegas Pro is not a free tool, you can choose its trial version to free use for 30 days.

Step 2: Launch Sony Vegas and it will be used as a VEG to MP4 converter.

Click Open to load your source .veg video files, after loading files, you can edit your video by dragging the file to the timeline.

How to Export Sony Vegas to MP4How to Export Sony Vegas to MP4

Step 3: Once you've finished editing, go to File and select Render As…, and then a new window will pop up. Under Output File, select where you want the file rendered or exported to, and choose a name. Here you should select MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4, and you are allowed to choose different resolutions and frame rates such as Internet HD 1080p 29.97 fps. Finally, click Render button to export Sony Vegas to MP4.

After you getting the exported .mp4 files from Sony Vegas, you can upload these videos to YouTube easily and play them on all kinds of media players.

After the text description, in order to help you better understand how to export Sony Vegas to mp4, I’d like to insert a tutorial video here, Sony Vegas Pro 12 is used in this video. Although Vegas Pro has been updated to version 20 and its interface has changed slightly, the steps are basically the same, so, this tutorial video is equally useful. Enjoy it!

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More information of VEG Files

VEG file is a video project created by Sony Vegas Pro, a mature video editing and disc authoring application. It contains the timeline with audio and video tracks, transitions, text content, special effects, and project media references.

VEG files can be exported to a variety of digital video formats, including PSP and IPOD, etc. And they can be burned on DVD and Video CDs using Vegas and DVD burning software.

Now, you have got the way about how to convert .veg to MP4 and got the clear understanding of VEG files, if you are interested in more project file conversion, these articles may help you: ARF to MP4 | TREC to MP4 | FBR to MP4 | WRF to MP4

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