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How to Play FBR File Created by BB FlashBack - A Fast Way to Convert FBR to MP4

Michael by Michael

Updated on Feb 1, 2023

FBR is a proprietary output file created by FlashBack screen capture software which means it is not compatible with any other third-party media players except FBR player. In this article, I will exhaustively introduce a new convenient way to convert FBR to MP4 and other popular video formats for a smooth playback. Here you can free download the video conversion program I am going to recommend:

Get in Trouble with FBR File Playback?

Q: I just wanted to know how to play FBR file in VLC and if there is a video converter that can convert FBR formats to common formats like MP4, AVI, WMV. Preferably free as I only need to convert two videos.

Q: I have a video file in FBR format. These files are supported in BB FlashBack Express. I want to install that in my Ubuntu, but couldn't find any way. Is there any way to install FlashBack player in Ubuntu or how can I open FBR files with a common media player?

Have you ever been bothered by similar problems mentioned above? In fact, FBR is the proprietary output format created by BB FlashBack screen recording program for Windows only. This format can only be played by FBR player for Windows and is not compatible with common platforms like VLC and Windows Media Player. So, you may wonder whether there are any methods to directly play FBR file on your tablets, mobile phones and or other platforms and devices that do not support FBR output. Keep reading, and you will learn the most effective way to convert FBR to AVI, MP4 and other popular formats with a better compatibility soon.

How to Open FBR File Correctly with FlashBack Express Player

Convert FBR to WMVConvert FBR to WMV

Firstly, you need to download the FBR player for Windows (T)- FlashBack Express Player. Just like playing WRF file of WebEx, you need to convert the original file -FBR to WMV first before a further conversion to MP4 or AVI.

1. Install and launch FlashBack Express Player. Click on "File > Open >" and choose the FBR file you want to import.

2. Hit "File" again, then press "Export" and choose WMV as the output format.

To open the FBR video on more devices or platforms, you’re supposed to continue to convert WMV to MP4, AVI or other common formats. Be patient, and you will learn the best method soon in the following parts.

There Is A Perfect FBR to MP4 Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a very professional and necessary tool to convert FBR to MP4. It supports more than 500 formats and codecs for video conversion. Besides converting common formats like MP4, AVI, MKV and WMV, you can also convert FBR, CAMPROJ and WRF to MP4, CAMREC to AVI and along with other rare formats. In the course of conversion with this perfect video converter, a high video compression ratio will be guaranteed and meanwhile, video quality can be preserved to the greatest extent. So, don't worry about any quality or content loss.

Free Download Free Download

Convert the Saved WMV File to MP4 within 3 Simple Steps

Add the saved WMV video file

Before start, please free downlaodfree downlaod the best FBR file converter software to convert FBR to common formats.

Step 1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, go to the Converter interface and click on "Add Files". Open the target folder on your PC and select the saved WMV file. Or you can directly move the WMV video onto the interface by simply dragging its icon. Then, preset an output folder at the bottom.

Tip: Batch conversion is available for you to simultaneously convert multiple files.

How to convert FBR to AVI and MP4

Step 2. On the right side, click the format button below "Output Formats". Then, in the opened page, choose MP4 or AVI as the output format under the video tag. Moreover, if you already have some basic knowledge of video's parameters, you can click on "Parameter settings" in the main page and preset the parameters' values to your own preference like changing resolution, bit rate or adjusting frame rate .

Begin conversion

Step 3. Click on "Run" to start conversion process. After only a few seconds, you will find the output video in the folder you specify before.

A Brief Conclusion of the Steps of Conversion

Now, let's make a conclusion: To convert FBR to MP4 or AVI, first, you need to change FBR files to WMV with FlashBack Express Player. Then, after it's finished, download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro and convert the saved WMV file to MP4 or AVI. Not a hard job, isn't it?

Free download HD Video Converter Factory Pro and Enjoy More Special Feature

Now, you can find that HD Video Converter Factory is such an easy and powerful software. Besides enabling you to open FBR files freely, it also allows you to edit videos by clipping, cropping, adding special effects, compress videos, enhance video quality, download videos from 1000+ sites and so forth.

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Product Recommended - WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

This is a super powerful DVD ripping program which is able to copy your DVD video contents and convert them into digital videos like MP4 and AVI for a better compatibility with your portable devices and other platforms.

Free Download DVD Ripper Pro Free Download DVD Ripper Pro

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