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How to Convert AEP to MP4 with Adobe After Effects
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How to Convert AEP to MP4 with Adobe After Effects

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Mar 17, 2023

Do you really know AEP files that are created by Adobe After Effects? Still have no idea how to convert AEP to MP4 for sharing edited videos? Follow this tutorial to get more information about AEP format file. Here is a recommended video converter for you.

Problems You may Encounter

Q: I have download an AEP video file. What software should I use to open it?

Q: I tried to find an AEP to MP4 converter online but I failed, who can help me?

Q: I want to upload AEP video to YouTube but it isn’t allowed. What should I do?

A: Actually, AEP is not a real playable video format, it is just a project file that contains a video composition including audio, images, video clips, etc. AEP files are only used for creating professional-quality video productions and cannot be played or uploaded. So, for a variety of reasons, converting AEP to MP4 has become a requirement for many people, or, let’s put it more accurately—render the .aep file to MP4, as you can’t convert a project into a video. Now, let’s see how to “convert” AEP to MP4 in After Effects using Media Encoder, a native file compression software for After Effects.

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How to Convert AEP to MP4 with Adobe After Effects

Since the AEP file is just a project file generated by Adobe After Effects,there is no third-party software that is able of recognize AEP project files. Next, let’s go to how to convert AEP file to MP4.

Load AEP File into ProgramLoad AEP File into Program

Step 1: After Effects is the only AEP to MP4 converter. Launch After Effects and double click to import your .aep file into it.

Step 2: Now, click “New Composition” under the Composition tab. You can adjust composition settings at this time like composition name, frame rate, resolution, etc.

Step 3: Copy all the files from your project and paste that in the new composition. And then click “Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue” under Composition table.

How to Convert AEP to MP4How to Convert AEP to MP4

Step 4: Adobe Media Encoder will run automatically, you need to select “H264” on the right list. You can also set the name and path for your output file.

Step 5: When all settings are done, click on the green button (Start Queue/Return) to start to convert AEP to MP4.

This is AE itself as the AEP converter to convert AEP to MP4, do you get it?

Warming tips: Since June 17, 2013 (AE CC 12.0 was released), AE has removed H.264, MPEG-2, and WMV formats from the default state of the After Effects render queue. In general, you should use Adobe Media Encoder to create output in these formats that have been deprecated from the After Effects render queue.

Learn more about what is an AEP File?

Adobe After Effects (also known as AE) can help you create numerous compelling dynamic graphics and stunning visual effects with high efficiency and precision. And the AEP file is the video editing project created by Adobe After Effects. AEP files contain the video synthesis, including audio, video clips, images timelines, and various visual effects that can be applied to the movie. AEP format files are used to create videos with professional quality.

The AEP file is the main file type for the video editing project in After Effects, and the other is AEPX. AEP files are usually stored in binary format while AEPX is a text-based XML project file.

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