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How Can I Convert VPJ to MP4 with VideoPad Video Editor
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How Can I Convert VPJ to MP4 with VideoPad Video Editor

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 28, 2023

A VPJ file refers to a project file created by VideoPad Video Editor. It contains no actual video or audio data. The only way to play a VPJ file is by using VideoPad. For permanently storing video data and to be compatible with more devices, it is a sensible way to convert VPJ to MP4. Follow this article to get how to convert VPJ to MP4 with VideoPad Video Editor.

Why You Cannot Play VPJ Files outside VideoPad Video Editor

Q: I edited a video of my turtle on a movie editor I downloaded and saved as a .vpj file but at the moment cannot be opened on anything! It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a way to convert VPJ to MP4 or other formats.

Q: So now, I can't find any file converter online that will convert a .vpj file. Does anyone know either a free converter that will do this or a different way that I can convert this file to MP4? Thanks!

There are many people who say they can't convert VPJ files. Are you one of them? In fact, the problem is that VPJ files are only project files generated by VideoPad Video Editor. They do not contain the actual video or audio data, they are just sessions to save work in progress. When the location of the video clips used changes, the file would be fail to open. This is why you can't play or convert VPJ files.

Is it Possible to Convert VPJ to MP4? Definitely!

VideoPad Video Editor is the only VPJ converter because the VPJ file is exclusive to VideoPad Video Editor, and there is no third-party tool can play or convert VPJ, not to mention the unreliable VPJ to MP4 converter online. The conversion process is as follows:

How to Convert VPJ to MP4 with VideoPad Video Editor

Load VPJ File to VPJ ConverterLoad VPJ File to VPJ Converter

Step 1: Before converting VPJ to MP4, you need to download VideoPad Video Editor first. Here is its official site:

After installing this VPJ converter, you will find that the icon for the VPJ file is already consistent with the VideoPad Video Editor's icon.

Step 2: Load the VPJ file to the VPJ to MP4 converter. Three ways can import VPJ files:
(1) double click VPJ file
(2) drag and drop
(3) click “File” on the top menu and then hit “Open Project” to open VPJ files.

You are allowed to edit your video after importing. It covers clip length, in and out points, clip sequencing, splitting clips, and deleting clips.

Warning!If the VPJ file is shared or downloaded from others, because all information about video transitions, effects, audio track, and the location of the source used have changed, it will be fail to open.

How to Convert VPJ to MP4How to Convert VPJ to MP4

Step 3: After editing, click the “Export Video” button on the toolbar and select Video File.

Step 4: Select MP4 as the output format, and you can customize the file name, output folder path, resolution, and other parameters.

Step 5: Click “Create” to start to convert VPJ file to MP4. Similarly, you can convert VPJ to AVI, MOV, MKV and other formats.

After the conversion, you can find the MP4 files you need in the output folder path.

Now, you have got the way to convert VPJ to MP4. If you still have puzzles about other project files, don’t worry anymore because we have provided corresponding guides to deal with project files like VPROJ, ARF, WLMP, DAV, TREC, etc.

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