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3 Simple Steps to Rip DVD to Hard Drive Without Any Trouble

Author by Annie

Updated on Dec 31, 2020

Since most people prefer to watch movies and TV series on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, DVD has gradually lost its popularity among people. Compared with videos that can directly be watched on portable devices or computers, DVD is so much inconvenient. So how to deal with your precious DVD collections? The best way is to rip them to digital formats and store them on computers. Here, I will show you how to rip DVD to hard drive in just 3 steps with a professional yet easy-to-use DVD ripper:

Speaking of DVD, many people may wonder nowadays if there is anyone who is still using DVD to watch movies and TV series. Indeed, with the advent of DVD’s successor - Blu-ray Disc and more facilitating online streaming media, DVD has begun to go downhill. Nevertheless, how about your old standard DVDs? Are the DVDs that once you loved now dust-covered? Many people, including me, think that it’s troublesome to rummage around in a pile of DVD collections when we want to review a certain movie. Actually, to transfer DVD to hard drive for backup, index and classification is a stylish thing. It can not only prevent DVDs from being damaged by accident, but the movies stored on hard drive are easily to find and watch. What? You still have no idea how to rip DVD to hard drive? Then the following tutorial is the timely rain.

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Your Great Helper to Rip DVD to Hard Drive

As you know, all commercial DVDs have different kinds of copy-protection, or DVD encryption methods, such as DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM, etc. Therefore, if you want to save DVD to hard drive, the simple copy & paste process is not available. You need a powerful DVD Ripping software to help you circumvent all obstacles and rip DVD to hard drive and WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is highly recommended. It can successfully rip all encrypted DVDs to computers without effort. Besides DVD, it can rip ISO image files to video formats, like ripping ISO to MP4. Or you can directly use DVD Ripper Pro to create an ISO image file from DVD.

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How to Transfer DVD to Hard Drive with Simple 3 Steps

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install this software on your computer.

The following method is only used for backing up your own purchased DVD. WonderFox doesn’t advocate ripping DVD to hard drive for illegal distribution and any commercial purpose. Please confirm if it is legal to rip DVD in your country before backing up DVD.

Insert DVD to DVD Drive and Launch DVD Ripper Pro

Step 1. Insert DVD to DVD Drive and Launch DVD Ripper Pro

To rip DVD to hard drive, first, pop DVD into computer and launch DVD Ripper Pro, then, click DVD Disc to load DVD. The software will automatically analyze, decrypt and check the movie’s main title. Next, click Output Format on the right of the main interface.

Select the Output Format

Step 2. Select the Output Format

After clicking Output Format, the second step to transfer DVD to hard drive is to choose the output format. In the output format window, you can transfer DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder under the 1:1 Quick Copy tab, or you can directly choose your desired output format or device, like ripping DVD to iPad, ripping DVD to WAV, ripping DVD to MP4 or other formats. For experienced users, you can click Settings to set the parameters.

Begin to Save DVD to Hard Drive

Step 3. Begin to Save DVD to Hard Drive

After choosing your wanted output format or device, just click RUN button to begin to transfer DVD to hard drive. Also, if you want to change the output path, click the three dots icon at the bottom of the main interface.

In addition to ripping DVD to hard drive or computer, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent CUDA DVD ripper, capable of ripping DVD at the fastest speed, and supports adding subtitles to DVD, helps to solve DVD interlaces problem, etc.

At last...

As you can see from the above, it is such an easy thing to rip DVD to hard drive with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. It can rip a DVD to digital copy with flawless 1:1 quality in the highest speed, making it convenient for you to organize and watch your DVD collections. With this simple and powerful DVD ripper, you can now back up all your DVDs to your wanted video formats, or directly convert them to a certain device.

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The Most Versatile DVD Ripper and Video/Audio Converter

The Most Versatile DVD Ripper and Video/Audio Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Is there a software that combines DVD ripper with video/audio converter? Of course! WonderFox DVD Video Converter is exactly what you are looking for! It has so many features that can meet all your needs of ripping DVD, converting videos/audio files, downloading videos/audio from the Internet, making a special ringtone for your phone. Although it has so many practical features, it is the easiest-to-use and fastest tool on the market. Just give it a try.

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