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How to Convert PZ to MP4 with Panzoid and the Best Video Converter
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A Handy Guide: How to Convert PZ to MP4 with Panzoid and the Best Video Converter

Author by Rocabella

Updated on May 19, 2023

A PZ file is a project created by Panzoid. It is not a real video file, so it cannot be directly identified by the media player or editor. That’s why we need to convert PZ to MP4. Next, follow this article to get the easiest way to convert .pz to .mp4:

PZ is Not a Real Video File

Q: I recently created an intro for our YouTube channel from and I was wondering how can I convert a file that has .pz at the end of it to .mp4? If you could work it out that would be great, Thanks!

A: Well, this is a very common problem. Many people will customize and create stunning video intros on Panzoid, an online service site that allows users to make video clips, introductions, and backgrounds. And many people will download a .pz file when editing ends. A PZ file is not actually a playable video file but a project file including a scene, objects, effects, audio, and animations, etc. Then, the following article will show you how to convert PZ file to MP4 video easily, let’s go for it.

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The Whole Process of How to Convert PZ to MP4

Part 1 - Render PZ file as a Video File

Panzoid is the only PZ file converter, and any other claim that it can convert PZ to MP4 is fake. To turn a Panzoid project file into a real video, you first need to render video. The steps are as follows.

Convert PZ File to MKV or WebM VideoConvert PZ File to MKV or WebM Video

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Click the folder icon on the left sidebar and select the "Load project" option to import the PZ file you want to convert. After the project file is loaded, you can continue editing or go to the next step.

Step 3. Click the Download icon in the left column to adjust the video quality and select WebM or MKV (VP8/Opus) as the output format. Click the Start video render button.

Step 4. After the online video rendering is finished, click the Download your video button to download the video to the local.

Part 2 - Convert the Rendered PZ to MP4 Format

Now, you have got the rendered video (.mkv video or .WebM video). At this time, converting PZ to MP4 is equivalent to converting MKV to MP4 or WebM to MP4.

In order to complete the above conversion, we need to seek the help of video converter. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro enjoys an excellent reputation among users. With it, you can effortlessly convert rendered .pz to .mp4 format, .mkv, .mov, .mp3, or any favored format. Besides, it can also do some simple video editing tasks as well as video setting adjustment for better output quality.

Now, free downloadfree download this software to get started.

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Tutorial on How to Convert Rendered PZ to MP4

Load Videos into Program to Convert .pz to .mp4

Step 1: Load Rendered .pz Files into Program

Free downloadFree download, install and launch WonderFox rendered PZ to MP4 converter on your PC. Click on Converter icon and enter a new window. Then, click on “Add Files” button to load the rendered .pz files (.mkv video or .WebM video) into the program. Or directly drag and drop the local videos into the interface is also allowed. The software supports batch mode, so you can import multiple files at a time for saving time.

Select MP4 as the Output Format at the Rendered PZ Converter

Step 2: Select MP4 as the Output Format

Hit the output format image at the top-right corner to expand the full list of 500+ configured profiles. From the new pop-up window, choose “MP4” icon under “Video” tab.

Tips: As you can see, you can also convert rendered PZ files to other formats or devices including MKV to DIVX, WebM to AVI, WebM to iPhone, etc.

Finish Rendered PZ MP4 Conversion

Step 3: Convert Rendered PZ to MP4

Select the location on your PC to save the converted file at the Output Folder or just leave it by default. Finally, hit the “Run” button to change rendered .pz files to MP4 video format.

At last...

The above is the tutorial for how to convert .pz to .mp4. Have you learned it? Hopefully, with this the tutorial, you can convert PZ to MP4 without hassle. We'd appreciate if you could share this article with more people.

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