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How to Convert DV to MP4 with Four Methods
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How to Convert DV to MP4 with the Simplest and Most Effective Four Methods

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Jun 16, 2023

Digital video camera like Sony, Nikon, Canon, and HP always encode videos in DV format. Yet, video file in this format cannot open on many players and devices, nor is it supported by video sharing sites. To solve it, we can convert DV to MP4 for wider usage. This post will show you how to convert DV files easily. Download the free DV converter here and let’s go for the details.

What is a DV File?

A file with .dv extension is the raw video recorded from some digital cameras. DV files usually have large video size and poor compatibility. There are few media players, online video sharing sites, and portable devices supporting the playback and upload of the DV format file. Therefore, many people wonder how to convert DV to a universal format like MP4 to reach wider compatibility. Given that, here we provide 4 different solutions for you to choose from.

4 Foolproof Approaches to Convert DV to MP4

Method 1 - Free Desktop DV Converter

For those seeking a free DV video converter, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a worthwhile choice. It allows you to easily convert .dv to .mp4 without losing quality. Meanwhile, it allows you to change video parameters, such as changing video resolution, altering video bitrate and frame rate, increasing/decreasing volume, etc., based on your needs. It also features a handy video editor, allowing you to cut video clips, crop unwanted parts, add subtitles, and so forth.

Now, free downloadfree download this versatile tool and see how to convert DV files to MP4 below.

Free Download Free Download

Tutorial on How to Convert DV to MP4 with Simple Clicks

Load .dv File into DV Converter

Step 1: Load Source File

Launch the DV Video Converter on your PC. Open "Converter" and click “Add Files” to add your DV files to the conversion list. You can also drag the DV files to the program directly.

Convert DV File to MP4

Step 2: Choose MP4 as Output Format

Click the right-side format image to expand the output format list. Next, go to the “Video” tab and select “MP4” as the output format. You can choose other formats if you have different ideas.

Tips: This DV to MP4 converter provides a wide range of device presets so that you can convert videos to your target device in one click.

Finish DV MP4 Conversion

Step 3: Finish DV to MP4 Conversion

(Optional) After selecting the output format, you can customize the parameters. Click the "Parameter Settings" button below the format profile to enter the new window. Here you can adjust the frame rate, bitrate, etc.

Click the bottom triangle button to set an output folder. Finally, press "Run" button to start the DV MP4 conversion.

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Method 2 - VLC Media Player

How to Convert DV File to MP4 with VLCHow to Convert DV File to MP4 with VLC

VLC can not only play DV files directly, but also can be used as a DV converter. Below is how to convert .dv to .mp4 with it:

Step 1. Run VLC Media Player. Click Media on the menu bar and choose Convert/Save (or press Ctrl+R).

Step 2. Click Add to import the .dv file and press the Convert/Save button below.

Step 3. Click the Profile drop-down list and select "Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4)".

Step 4. Click “Browse” to select the output directory and finally, click the “Start” button to start the DV MP4 conversion.

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Method 3 – Handbrake

Handbrake for Converting .dv to .mp4Handbrake for Converting .dv to .mp4

Handbrake is a powerful DV video encoder, but the operation and GUI are not friendly to novices. Here is a how-to guide:

Step 1. Run Handbrake and a Source Selection interface will pop up.

Step 2. Click File (Open a single video file) on the left to import the DV file you want to convert, or directly drag and drop files to the software interface.

Step 3. Select the desired resolution and purpose in the Presets drop-down list.

Step 4. Select MP4 as the output format in the Summary tab below. Experienced users can also click on other tabs for further settings.

Step 5. Set the output directory at the bottom Save As.

Step 6. Finally, click on the Start Encode button to start the conversion of DV to MP4.

Method 4 - DV to MP4 Converter Online

Convert Mini DV to MP4Convert Mini DV to MP4

Sometimes, online video converters also play a very important role in changing video formats. I’d take as an example to show how to convert DV files online.

Step 1: Choose your DV files to convert.

Step 2: Select MP4 as the target video format at the drop-down format list.

Step 3: Click “Convert” button to start the DV MP4 conversion. The progress bar will show you the percentage.

Note: Most online converters have size limit on the upload file for average users, less than 500MB in general. Thus, this method works well only with small video files.

At last...

These are the four commonly used methods for converting DV to MP4. Among which, the first conversion method is highly recommended for its ease of use and stablity. Free HD Video Converter Factory also helps you to convert large files with high quality preserved effortlessly. Download it to have a try now!

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert Multiple DV Files at Once

How to Convert Multiple DV Files at Once

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The pro version-WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro- includes all feaures offered by the free edition. Plus, it allows you to batch convert, edit, and compress multiple DV files at a time, at a GPU-acclerated speed. It also lets you download videos from over 1000 video sharing sites and screen record whatever happens on your PC display. Download it to have a go!

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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