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How to Convert Cyberlink PowerDirector PDS to MP4 / AVI / WMV Easily?
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How to Convert Cyberlink PowerDirector PDS to MP4 / AVI / WMV Easily?

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 21, 2023

Cyberlink PowerDirector has been many users’ top choice for years when it comes to video editing. However, for the .pds files generated by this software, there are still many people who cannot convert PDS to MP4, AVI, or YouTube. If you are also one of these people, then this article is tailored for you. Keep reading for more information.

How to Export PDS File to MP4?

Q: I haven't been able to upload any of my videos from Cyberlink PowerDirector. They're all in PDS format which was all I was allowed to save them as apparently. So far, I've gotten faulty advice and downloaded 3 programs that don't convert from PDS. Any help would be appreciated.

A: If you also encounter a similar problem above, you have already fallen into a misunderstanding. PDS, stands for PowerDirector Script File, is not a real video file, but a Cyberlink PowerDirector exclusive project file, which contains information about used media files including file paths, menu settings, effects settings, transitions, etc. It does not have any actual audio and video data. So, don't waste time looking for the so-called PDS to MP4 converter online, which clearly tells you that except for the Cyberlink PowerDirector, any third-party tool can't open and process PDS files. The following shows you the correct way to open and convert PDS to MP4.

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How to Convert Cyberlink PowerDirector Video PDS to MP4?

If your PDS file is downloaded from someone else or on the network, then converting PDS to MP4 is not possible due to missing original files and completely changed paths. If it is a PDS file on your own computer, then you must have installed the Cyberlink PowerDirector video editing software, which is the only valid PDS file converter. The specific operations are as follows:

Load Source File into PDS File ConverterLoad Source File into PDS File Converter

Step 1. Run Cyberlink PowerDirector, click on File > Open Project in the upper left corner, or press the shortcut key Ctrl+O.

Step 2. Select your PDS file to import, as long as the original media files path has not changed, you can restore all the settings edited before. At this point you can choose to continue editing or go to the next step.

PDS File Converter to MP4PDS File Converter to MP4

Step 3. After editing, click on the Produce Ribbon at the bottom of the menu bar, select the H.264/AVC button under the 360° video or Standard 2D tab, and you can select the video resolution, hardware video encoder, surround sound and other settings below according to your needs. On the right side you can preview your own video and set the output directory.

Step 4. Finally, click on the Start button at the bottom to start to convert PDS file to MP4.

Tips: Follow the same steps, under the Produce Ribbon, you can also convert the PDS file to AVI, WMV, HEVC or other device formats.

The above is how to transfer PDS to MP4, have you learned? Different video editors always produce a unique project file, and if you have questions about converting other project files to MP4, these tutorials will help you.

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