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How to Play PS3 MKV in A Simple Way

Author by Blues

Aug 26, 2019

Have you ever encountered a situation where you cannot play MKV files on PS4? To help you solve the PS3 MKV playback issue, we recommend to use the great video converter and follow the tutorial to learn about how to convert MKV to be supported by PS3.

Can PS3 Play MKV?

Since the PS3 was released, it has been popular with people. However, many people have recently encountered problems that they cannot play MKV videos. The reason is obvious. If your MKV video file is encoded with H265 codec, then the PS3 will not recognize and play it. As PS3 can only recognize H264, MPEG, AVCHD, AVI, Divx, WMV video codecs and AAC, AC3 audio codecs. If you play a video that doesn’t meet both requirements, you will meet playback issues. Don’t worry, here is a simple method to play MKV on PS3.

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The Best Way to Achieve the Purpose that PS3 Plays MKV

It’s obvious that MKV can't play on PS3 when the video orudio codecs can't be supported, then we need a converter to change these parameters. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a nice choice for you. It can help you convert MKV to file that can be supported by PS3, so that the PS3 can recognize and play PS3 MKV. In addition, you can adjust other parameters of the video, such as resolution and bit rate to improve your video quality. So what should you do? Follow me!

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The Simple Way to Convert MKV to Make PS3 Play MKV

Add MKV Files

Before you start converting, you should free downloadfree download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro first. After finishing installing, you can open the converter to convert videos.

Step1. Click Converter and Add MKV files

After select the Converter button, you will see a new Video Converter window. You can drag or select Add Files to add MKV file you want to convert here. If you have several MKV files, put them together in a folder and click Add Video Folder to add them in batches.

Choose Output Device

Step2. Choose PS3 Device to the Solve PS3 MKV Issue

Now, you need to select PS3 output device. We all know that PS3 belongs to SONY, so please click the output format button on the right side of the window and select PS3 below the SONY area.

Tips:If you have other requirements such as changing bit rate or resolution, please click the parameters settings below the output format button

Convert MKV to PS3

Step3. Start the Conversion

After all the parameters have been set, select the output folder you want to save files in and click the RUN button to start the conversion. After the conversion is completed, open the output folder and you will see the PS3 MKV files. Then you can play MKV on PS3.


Through the introduction of the above operations, you have already known how to play MKV on PS3.  In addition to the functions mentioned above, this converter also supports online download, capturing screen, merging videos into one and other functions. The operation is very simple. Try it now!

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