How to Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides [with Pictures]

Here is how to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides so that you can edit, view and share presentation files created with the Presentation program in Google Slides with no hassle.

Vita Vita | Updated on Feb 6, 2024

How to Convert PowerPoint to Goggle Slides

---Part 1. Upload the PowerPoint Presentation File to Google Drive

---Part 2. Open and Edit Presentation File in Google Slides

---Part 3. Save it as a Google Slides Presentation

Optional Way: Open PowerPoint Presentation in Google Slides Directly

Can You Share a PPT in Google Slides?

PowerPoint is the evergreen presentation program used by individuals and groups around the world while at the same time, many up and comers win a place as excellent presentation software. Among them, Google Slides is such a striking example that can’t be ignored. Being well-known as a web-based presentation program, Google Slides has natural advantages. It allows real-time collaboration among groups and the participants are able to edit and modify the presentation synchronously. Sharing presentation in Google Slides also becomes much easier based on the Google cloud storage service. Once you connect to the Internet, you’re able to sign in to your Gmail account and access the presentation files anytime and anywhere. Also, the auto-saving feature frees you from any unexpected circumstances. Because of these advantages, Google Slideshows can be much more efficient in some cases.

You may have some PowerPoint presentations saved on your device hard drive and want to convert them from PowerPoint to Google Slides so as to play, edit, or share them via Google Slides. Fortunately, Google Slides itself works for the transformation and the whole process is rather simple. The following tutorial shows you the how-to.

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Convert Files for Presentation

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How to Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Part 1. Upload the PowerPoint Presentation File to Google Drive

Step 1. Log into your Google account, then go to your Google Drive page:

Step 2. Click New, then File Upload.

How to convert PPT to Google Slides

Step 3. Go to the position where the PowerPoint presentation file is saved, select the source presentation file, then click Open to upload it.

How to upload PPT to Google Slides

Step 4. A popup will appear on the lower right corner showing the upload progress. The upload process would be finished soon and the presentation file can be found under My Drive.

Transfer PowerPoint to Google Slides

Part 2. Open and Edit Presentation File in Google Slides

Step 5. Click the uploaded presentation file, then select Open with Google Slides.

Open PPTX in Google Slides

Step 6. If it is a presentation file applying various advanced features in PowerPoint, Google Slides may not display some of them and show the message that Slides can't display some features of this PowerPoint presentation. Click View details so you can know which effects will be removed and modify the presentation till you’re satisfied.

How to turn PowerPoint into Google

Part 3. Save it as a Google Slides Presentation

Step 7. When everything is ready, click File, then Save as Google Slides. Now you can check out every slide in the converted presentation and make sure there is nothing improper.

Convert the file to Google Slides

Step 8. On the Slides homepage, there are two presentation files – the converted one and the one with .ppt extension. You can choose to delete the original one or keep it for backup.

The two presentations

Optional Way: Open PowerPoint Presentation in Google Slides Directly

You can either import the source presentation file into Google Slides directly for conversion.

Step 1. Go to your Google Drive, hit New, then Google Slides.

Hit Google Slides

Step 2. You will be directed to a new blank Google Slides presentation page. On this page, click File > Open > Upload, select the PowerPoint presentation file from your computer, and hit Open.

Import PowerPoint file to Google Slides

Step 3. When the upload is complete, the PowerPoint to Google Slides conversion will be activated automatically. The converted file will be saved in your Google account.

Step 4. Edit the presentation file just as we have mentioned on the method above.

Based on this method, you can choose to convert and add additional slides to a PowerPoint presentation, as well.

Open a Google Slides presentation that can be a blank one or you have created. Go to File > Import Slides; Then under the Upload tab, hit Select a file from your device, find and upload the presentation file. After the upload, the thumbnails of all the slides will be listed. Select these you need and click Import Slides. Now all the slides have been added into the Google Slides presentation and been converted automatically. You can further arrange the order of each slide and edit them.

Import single PowerPoint slides to Google Slides

Bottom Line:

This post is at the aim of helping you know how to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides from a local hard drive. There are also many other useful features in Google Drive along with the software office suite. Sync files on different devices via your Google account, send large videos via email using Google Drive links, etc. You can try these features to manage your files more handily.

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