Does Google Drive Compress Video or Reduce Video Quality?

Many people find their videos appear blurry and seem to be compressed or reduced in quality on Google Drive. Does Google Drive compress video or reduce the quality after uploading? Let’s dive into the reason behind it.

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Vita Vita | Updated on Jun 13, 2024

Does Google Drive Reduce Video Quality or Size?

Many users have similar questions:

"Will Google Drive compress videos or change the quality of file uploads?"
"Are files uploaded to Google Drive compressed or uploaded in original quality and size? In other words, is anything changed when uploading?"
"I have a butt-load of videos and pics I plan to put in Google Drive. It’s not my main backup but I guess it won’t hurt. So the question is whether Google Drive reduce the quality of uploaded videos/images."

Actually, Google Drive doesn’t compress media files or reduce the file size and quality. But why do the uploaded videos appear blurry?

* Does it compress when you upload audio to Google Drive?

Google Drive is also a good place to store music and other audio files. It doesn’t compress audio or degrade the sound quality, either. There might be a slight decrease in quality, but it’s difficult to notice the difference for online listening.

Why Google Drive Seems to Compress Videos?

That is due to the difference between your video file and the Google Drive screen size.

The maximum playback resolution supported by Google Drive is 1920 x 1080 pixels. A video in 1080P or less will look close to the original. But when you upload higher resolution videos, such as 4K and 8K, they will be resized to 1080P. If you download the file to your computer to play offline, the video resolution keeps the same as the original.

Doing so, Google Drive can save bandwidth for users and itself. You and the video recipients will have a seamless video-playing experience, while Google saves the bandwidth for data transfer and reduce pressure on the server.

Does Google Drive Reduce Video Quality

How to Reduce Video File Size in Google Drive?

Step 1. In Google Drive, select the file or folder you want to compress.
Step 2. Right-click to Download the files.
Step 3. It will instantly begin downloading the compressed zip file to your computer.

How to Compress a Video with the Best Quality?

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