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[Solved] Step-by-step Guide on How to Convert .vep to MP4

Author by Charlotte

June 21, 2018

VEP is the project file of AVS Video Editor, which is not a real video file. While do you really how to effectively make the conversion from VEP to MP4? Keep reading, follow this article to learn how to convert .vep to MP4!

Is It Possible to Convert VEP File?

Q: How can I convert a video with a .vep file extension to anything else? It won't play at all. I used 5 different converter programs but none of them worked. I just want to upload it to YouTube. Please help!

The above question was sent by a user several days ago. Before answering this question, you need to know that VEP file is an exclusive project file created by AVS Video Editor. It's not a real video file like our well-known MP4, AVI, MKV since it doesn't contain any video and audio data but only the instructions of media path, effects, text, and other settings.

Therefore, VEP file can’t be recognized and supported by any software except for AVS Video Editor. If you find .vep to MP4 converter online or VEP file converter, etc. please don’t waste your time, because it will lead you nowhere! That’s only a bait for misleading, advertisement, click referrals, etc. However, you can still convert .vep to MP4, with AVS Video Editor ONLY. Now let us begin the tutorial!

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Specific Guide on How to Convert .vep to MP4

Attention: please quit to transfer VEP format to MP4 if your VEP file was shared by your friends or downloaded online. You can’t convert .vep file to MP4 due to the lack of original file and the changed file path. However, if the VEP file is your own file on PC, you are supposed to have already installed AVS Video Editor, which is the only effective and useful VEP converter. Follow the below to get specific steps!

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vep file converter

Step1: Run AVS Video Editor.

Step2: Click “File” > “Open Project” on the upper left side of the program, or you can press “Ctrl + O” shortcuts directly.

Step3: Import your VEP file to the program. As long as the original media files path is not changed, the program will restore the original text, elements, transitions, effect and other settings. Then you can continue your editing work or go to the next step.

vep to mp4 converter

Step4: Click “File” > “Produce” on the upper left side of the program, or you can press “Ctrl + P” directly to open Output Format window, choose “File”, then click “Next”. Select MP4 format and you can choose the parameters you need in the drop-down list. Experienced users also can click “Advanced” button to set the specific profile settings. Finally click “Next”. Of course, you can choose to convert VEP to AVI, MKV, MOV, etc.

Step5: Set the output destination, name the output video, click “Create” to start VEP file to MP4 conversion.

Absolutely, you can choose “Web” > “YouTube” to convert your VEP file directly to YouTube video specs for easy upload after conversion when choosing the output format.

At last...

This article provides you the easiest solution for how to convert .vep to MP4. Now, you may already know the concrete method and steps. You can share with your friend if this article actually has fixed your issue.

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