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The Best Application for Solving the MMS Video Size Limit Issue

Author by Jane

Updated on July 14, 2023

As we all know, MMS has size limitations for sending multimedia messages. Hence, how to send large videos via MMS becomes a tricky problem. In the following post, I will show you how to solve the MMS video size limit issue in different ways. Free download the best helper for the MMS file size limit issue and follow the guide below to solve the MMS video message size limit problem.

Q: Is there any way to overcome the MMS size limit?
Q: What can I do to compress the MMS video size so that I can successfully send it?

A: Speaking of MMS, short for Multimedia Message Service, is one of the highest standards for SMS technology development, and features multimedia functions. With the high-speed transmission technology EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) and GPRS, WAP can be used as a carrier to transmit video clips, pictures, sounds and texts, not only for multimedia transmission between mobile phones, but it can also be used between the phone and the computer. All in all, it definitely facilitates, enriches our daily life and shortens communication time.

However, it is known that there exists a size restriction for MMS and you are unable to send video messages successfully with the exceeded size. An approach to figure out this problem is to compress the MMS video size. Here, you will get the best compressor for the MMS video compression. Keep reading!

How to Compress Video for MMS with Desktop MMS Video Compressor

If you want a handy tool to resolve the MMS video size limit, you cannot miss out WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro that provides the simplest operation and multiple choices to compress videos. In addition to this, you are also allowed to reduce video for sending email and compress videos to upload on Facebook. This wonderful program will let you experience the lightning compression speed with the batch compression mode if you have piles of files that need compressing. Let’s download it and get started on how to reduce MMS video size with a few clicks.

Free Download Free Download

Detailed Process on How to Shrink MMS Video Size

Add Video into HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Before starting, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Add Video into HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Launch this application, enter the “Converter” section, import your targeted video by clicking “+Add Files” at the left top corner or directly drag and drop it to the window. You are also enabled to batch add video files and make batch compression.

Step 2. MMS Video Compression with 4 Approaches

Here, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers 4 ways to satisfy your compression requirements. You can choose one of them according to your demand.

Option 1. Change the Video Resolution

You can reduce the video size through downscaling the resolution such as 4K to 1080P, and you can also choose the preset resolution or customize a needed resolution by yourself.
After you import the video file, press “Parameter settings” to head to the “Resolution” setting, window, in which you can choose one resolution in the drop-down list or fill in a resolution value.
Besides, you can quickly make a setting under the “Parameter settings” button, and drag the slider to 720p or 480p for time-saving. However, you also need to be noticed that with the lower resolution and the lower size, the video quality becomes poor at the same time.

Change Resolution and Bit-rate

Option 2. Decrease the Bitrate of the Video

As is known to all that the bit rate is one of the significant elements affecting video size. The higher bitrate means larger size of video. Therefore, you can solve the MMS video size limit by changing bitrate. In the “Parameter settings”, you can choose the lower bitrate or customize the bitrate to decrease video size or select “Low quality” in the “Quick setting” below “Bit rate” to achieve the same purpose.

Cut Down the Redundant Portion of the Video

Option 3. Cut Down the Redundant Portion of the Video

The more information the video’s frame displays, the larger the video size is. Hence, cropping the unnecessary parts of the video would downscale the video size to some extent. Click the Crop icon under the added video. Reduce the video size by dragging the dashed border to resize the picture. You can preview the output result on the right side. Finally click “Ok” to save your changes.

Compression Bar

Option 4. Simple MMS Video Compression through Compression Bar

If you need to compress many MMS videos, you can batch load them into the program and press the bottom “Batch compression” icon. Then move the rectangle slider to the right to compress the video. The output video size which is displayed on the imported video will vary with the change of compression ratio.

WonderFox Soft adopts its exclusive advanced coding technology to compress video. Up to a 5X compression ratio will largely downsize the video with minimum quality loss.

Save the Video and Start Running

Step 3. Save the Video and Start Running

Go to “Output format” on the right side to choose MMS video formats for exporting. HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports converting to over 500 output formats and devices so you can convert video to MMS format that is compatible with your device. For example, convert video to Samsung…Then, choose the path folder for saving, and at last, click “Run” to start the compression process.

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At last...

Thanks to the development of the Internet, it becomes more and more convenient to contact each other. More and more social applications emerge to meet the demands of different groups of people. For those who prefer MMS for sending messages, you should have this gorgeous HD Video Converter Factory Pro to break the MMS video size limit. What’s more, it allows you to download videos from Facebook, Vevo, Dailymotion, YouTube and other 1000+ websites. You can convert video files for smoothly uploading video to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… as well. Why not download it and have a try?

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Compress Your DVDs with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Compress Your DVDs with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

A complete DVD movie includes the main title, ads, and any other unnecessary things occupying space. In addition, owing to some inevitable factors, DVDs you collect might have the risk of damage. In order to compress the DVD size, permanently save and conveniently watch movies anytime and anywhere, you can choose WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to remove copy protection, rip DVDs to digital ones and watch them on the go. Free download it and have a try!

* Please DO NOT use it to rip any copy-protected DVDs for commercial purposes.

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