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How to Easily Trim or Clip Videos with Video Editor?
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Video Clip Editor - How to Easily and Effectively Edit Videos with Video Trimmer/Clipper?

Author by Hales

Updated on Jan 13, 2023

This article will go over how to clip/trim video with the help of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, an all-in-one video converter and editor. Download the video clip editor and follow the tutorial below:

About Video Clipping

Trimming videos can be an easy task when using the right tool. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the perfect video trimmer for Windows users. It can cut any video file and audio file, including MP4, MKV, MTS, TS, AVI, MP3, WAV, and so on, to shorten the length, split file, or create multiple clips. The program is easy to use and it is a quick process. Check out the next part to learn details of how to cut/clip video with this software.

Introduction about Full Functionality of Video Clip Editor

Introduce All the Buttons

Normal cut:

After adding the video file, click on the s pattern to go to the video clip editing page using video clip editor.

1. s : Click this button to pause the video.
    p : Click this button to play the video.

2. Click here to replay the video.
3. Here shows the length of the video playback and the length of the whole video.
4. When you slide the slider below the video to select a video clip, 4 and 5 show the point at which the cut video starts and the end point.
5. The same as 4.
6. The full length of the cut video is shown here.
7. Click the Reset button to reset the cut video.

Trim One Video Clip

When you have selected the video clip you want to cut, click Trim button on the right side to see the clip appears below and name it with Clip1.

Note: Duration will display the length of the video, which can be accurate to the three digits after the second to ensure the accuracy. At this point, you can continue to slide the slider to select the video clip you want to edit.

How to Clip a Video in Multiple Segments?

How to Trim Video in Multiple Segments

After entering the video trimmer window,

Step 1. Slide the slider below to select the video clip, and click the Trim button on the right to add a new video clip.

Step 2. Repeat step 1 to create multiple video clips.

Get the Video Clips

Once everything is set up, click OK. Then return to the main interface and there is still only one video list, which will show that the currently multiple video clips at the top of the output file list. Finally set the output path and click the Run button to open the entire process.

Here, you can not only learn how to clip videos, but also learn how to trim audio files. Like video clipping, you can clip audio files as the method of video clipping.

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