How to Easily Remove Movavi Watermark from Your Videos?

Movavi is a popular choice for video editing and converting, but the watermark it adds to the export video can be an inconvenience. In this article, we'll dive into various techniques to remove the Movavi watermark and give your videos a polished, watermark-free look.

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Kevincy Kevincy | Aug 10, 2023

How to Easily Remove Movavi Watermark from Your Videos?

Way 1. Purchase Full License for Movavi Watermark Removal

Way 2. Use Video Editing Software to Remove Movavi Watermark

Way 3. Use Movavi Watermark Remover Software

FAQs about Removing Movavi Watermark

What is the Movavi Watermark?

The Movavi watermark can be a semi-transparent logo or ribbon, which is added to the middle or corner of videos exported with the trial version of Movavi software when a time-limited trial period ends. Movavi adds this watermark to videos for a couple of reasons:

  • To differentiate videos created with the trial vs paid versions.
  • As a form of branding/advertising for the Movavi products.

The watermark is semi-transparent and not overly intrusive. But if you want fully clean videos, the watermark has got to go! Luckily, there are a few easy workarounds to remove the Movavi watermark completely. Let's get started!

Movavi Watermark Removal

Disclaimer: WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The tutorial is created for educational purpose.

Removing a Movavi watermark from a video without the owner's permission is often against the terms of service of the software and can infringe upon intellectual property rights. It's always best to obtain proper permissions or licenses for using copyrighted content to avoid any legal issues.

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Way 1. Purchase Full License for Movavi Watermark Removal

The best way to permanently remove the Movavi watermark is to purchase the paid version of Movavi software. Go to the Movavi website and purchase a paid plan. They offer monthly, yearly or a lifetime subscription for different products.

Then activate your Movavi software using the license key you receive in your purchase confirmation email. The paid version gives you access to all features without any annoying watermarks.

Movavi Remove Watermark by Upgrading

If you have a good habit of saving every project when you finish your work, you can re-open it after activating the program, and export it again (open via Recent project or a MEPX/MEPB/MEPS/MEP project file) for Movavi watermark removal.

That's the most direct way, and this method works with most media created with Movavi products, such as Movavi Video Converter watermark removal, Movavi Video Editor watermark removal, etc.

Please Note: It is impossible to get rid of the Movavi watermark from the existing video if there is no project file available. And the Movavi watermark cannot be removed from media recorded in a trial version of Movavi Screen Recorder.

Way 2. Use Video Editing Software to Remove Movavi Watermark

If you don't want to pay for Movavi's premium software, you can use some free video editing tools to remove the Movavi watermark instead. The steps vary based on different editing software.

Step 1: Import your watermarked Movavi video into the video editing software of your choice. Some free options include: OpenShot, Lightworks, Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve (free version), etc.

Step 2: Use the "Zoom" functionality to get a close-up view of the watermark. You want it to take up most of the preview screen.

Step 3: Cover the watermark with a shape. Add a shape (square, circle, etc) over the watermark, covering it completely. Make sure to match the shape's color to the video background.

Step 4: With the watermark covered, export the video from the editing software. It will now be watermark-free and ready to share!

This method works well if the watermark is stationary throughout the video. If it moves positions, you'll have to repeat the steps to cover each occurrence. In addition, you also have other options:

Remove Movavi Watermark

#1. Use the Blur Tool to Obscure Movavi Watermark

Another way to make the watermark less noticeable is by using the "Blur" feature. Here's how:

  • Import your watermarked video into an editor.
  • Zoom in on the watermark.
  • Adjust the blur intensity and radius to make the watermark very obscure.
  • Export the video with the now-hidden watermark.

Blurring won't remove the Movavi watermark completely, but can help make it fade into the background. Play around with the blur settings until the logo becomes unnoticeable.

Blur Movavi Watermark

#2. Zoom and Crop to Remove Movavi Watermark from View

If the watermark is located near the edge of the video, you can also use smart zooming and cropping to avoid showing the watermark area:

  • Import your video to editing software.
  • Zoom in on the footage so the watermark area is out of frame.
  • Adjust the crop settings to cut out the watermark portion.

Just be careful not to zoom so far that the video becomes pixelated. This takes some finesse, but can get rid of the watermark if done properly.

Crop Movavi Watermark

#3. Cover with Text or Images

Another option is to cover up the Movavi watermark using text, logos, images, or graphics. Just add visual elements in the editing software and position them directly over the watermark.

Make sure any added elements blend into the video naturally. You want to cover the watermark without being too distracting.

Cover Movavi Watermark with Text or Images

Way 3. Use Movavi Watermark Remover Software

You're also able to get rid of Movavi watermark using some AI-powered video watermark remover software, such as, Apowersoft Watermark Remover, Remove Logo Now, BeeCut Watermark Remover, WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, and more.

The AI and machine learning algorithms are trained on analyzing video frames to identify watermarks based on shapes, logos, locations, etc. This allows the software to identify and reconstruct watermarked areas for clean results automatically and intelligently.

However, the effectiveness depends on the AI Model, watermark complexity, source video quality, realistic expectations, etc. So, it's a time-consuming trial-and-error process, you need be patient.

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FAQs about Removing Movavi Watermark

Q1: Is removing the Movavi watermark legal?

A: Removing the watermark from a Movavi-edited video may violate Movavi's terms of use. Technically you own the copyright to your edited videos. Removing normal watermarks is usually legally permissible for personal use. But confirm your rights for commercial or public videos.

Q2: Will the watermark removal affect video quality?

A: Slightly. Zooming in, blurring, cropping, and overlays can degrade quality somewhat. But using the paid Movavi software will remove the watermark with no quality loss.

Q3: Can I remove the watermark from videos not made in Movavi?

A: Yes, the techniques work on videos from any platform that has an overlaid logo or watermark. As long as you can import the video into editing software, the process is the same.

Q4: Will stopping the Movavi subscription re-add the watermark to my old videos?

A: No, videos exported without the watermark during your subscription will remain clean if you cancel. Only new exports will get watermarked again.

Final Thoughts

While the Movavi watermark seems stubborn, there are many methods to remove or conceal it from your videos. The best option is to upgrade to the paid software for guaranteed watermark-free exports. If you have a legitimate reason to remove the watermark (e.g., you've purchased a license), reach out to Movavi's customer support for assistance in removing the watermark legally.

You can also use other free video editors and editing tricks to cover up, conceal, or crop the watermark if needed. Movavi watermark remover software can also be helpful sometimes, but it may not always yield perfect results.

I hope this article is of some help to quickly remove your Movavi watermark and export professional, high-quality videos. Now, say goodbye to distractions and hello to seamless, watermark-free content with just a little editing effort. Cheers!

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