How to Combine GoPro Videos Seamlessly?

Looking for a way to stitch GoPro videos together painlessly? Here’s a quick solution.

Michelle | Sep 17, 2021

To prevent data loss, GoPros are designed to record video in separate chunks when shooting in high framerate and high resolution. In their term, it’s called chaptering. On the one hand, it does reduce the chance of losing all footage if the file gets corrupted. Yet, on the other hand, joining these files back into one complete video becomes a headache as no official GoPro application provides that feature.

Since the GoPro files are often big, apart from the professional video editors like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, there isn’t much third-party software to handle this merging. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t one program that is capable of merging GoPro videos. In the following post, I will introduce a reliable video combiner and show you how to combine GoPro videos using this software. Let’s see more details.

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How to Combine GoPro Videos?

The tool we will use is called WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It’s a powerful application consisting of multiple programs for dealing with various multimedia problems. And its main program Converter has a merge feature that can help you merge GoPro videos together seamlessly.

It works with all GoPro videos, even the recent HEVC encoded files, up to 4K resolution (It can also take 8K video, but it will output the video only up to 4K). It is also very simple to use. Now, I will show you how to combine GoPro videos together with this software below.

Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on your PC.

Powerful GoPro Video Combiner

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you stitch GoPro videos together simply and seamlessly without losing quality. It supports all types of GoPro videos and allows you to convert, edit, and compress GoPro files as well. Get it now and start joining your GoPro videos.

Step 1. Import GoPro Videos

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open the Converter. Next, click + Add Files to load the GoPro videos into the converter. Or you can drag and drop the files into the program directly.

Step 2. Merge GoPro Videos

Click the Merge button to open the Merge window. In the Video List, press Ctrl on your keyboard and click to select all the videos you want to merge. Then click the middle Merge button and you should see the videos placed in a track called Pack 1. Repeat the step and you can create more packs.

Within the pack, you can drag the video to change the order. If you don’t want this pack, you can click Split to remove the pack. If you don’t want a specific video, you can drag that video back to the Video List. When you think is ready, click the bottom Merge button to save the changes.

Step 3. Choose Output Format

On the right side of the interface, click the format image to open the output format library. Go to the Video tab and select the same video format as the original format. You can choose another video format if you prefer.

Step 4. Start Processing

Click the bottom triangle button to specify an output folder. Keep in mind that the folder should have enough space for the output file. Finally, click Run to start the process.

Note: The combined GoPro file will be extremely large. If you want to compress it a little, you can still use the software to get the job done. Just load the GoPro file into the converter and choose H265 for MP4 as the output format. In this way, you should have a file with a small size while keeping the quality.


Some of you might want to use online video joiners to merge GoPro videos. Personally, I do not suggest that because GoPro videos are usually very large. And it could take forever to upload one GoPro video onto the cloud, not to mention some sites don’t even support files that big. Also, many online sites feed on advertising, and that could ruin your user experience if you click on one accidentally. Hence, it is advisable you stick to a desktop video joiner like the one mentioned in this post.

That’s all for how to combine GoPro videos. Hope you’ll find this article helpful. If you have any questions during the merging process, you can feel free to contact me via Twitter. I’ll be glad to help. Thanks for reading.

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