You can use one of the following 7 HD Video Players for PC to play HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, and also videos at other qualities. While owing strong HD video playback capability, they also include other features and functionalities, and help you easily play almost all videos and audio files in the way you like.
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More and more equipment and applications support high-quality video content production these days and we are able to adopt and access many more high-quality videos than before. Nevertheless, it isn’t always an easy thing to view HD contents due to the incapability of the media player you’re using. Given this, we gather the best HD video players for PC. They are easy to use and some even ship with advanced options and features. Here are the main features of these PC HD players. You may go over the content to pick up the best fitting option for yourself.
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Play Any HD Video without a Hitch

If you stumble upon a video that can’t be played by all common media players because of unsupported video or audio codec, then you can use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to resolve this problem. This HD video converter can easily convert videos to a common video format. It is competent to deal with HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K, 8K, and videos at any other resolutions.

The 7 HD Video Players for PC

VLC is an extremely powerful media player available on multiple platforms. It is undoubtedly the best video player in the lineup for its rich set of features and high-quality video playback. VLC is capable of handling virtually all media files you thrown into it in a hassle-free way. Featured as a HD video player, it supports up to 8K resolution.

Main Features:

• Open source and cross-platform
• Modular interface design, easy to navigate.
• Custom skins and highly customizable options
• Complete set of advanced playback controls
• Support virtually all media formats fast and easily
• Additional features and tools to process media files
• Completely free from ads and pop ups.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, etc.

2. MPV

MPV is a command line and open-source media player that focuses on high-quality outputs. It has support for a wide range of media file formats and subtitles. MPV goes with an exceptionally simple and basic UI. The out-of-box functionality only enables you to drag a video URL or the video file for playback along with several basic playback controls, but you can enhance the player’s capabilities and turn it into a full-featured media player using user scripts for MPV on the Github Wiki. Generally, this HD video player can be the choice of both minimalists and experienced users.

Main Features:

• Open source and workable on mainstreaming platforms
• OpenGL, Vulkan, and D3D11 based video output for superior display effects
• Highly configurable with powerful scripting capabilities
• Work as a library and embed into other application
• GPU video decoding

Supported Platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows, and BSD-based

Apart from having standard functions like all other media players, PotPlayer is a personalized free tool with more settings and customizations included. PotPlayer also boosts its lightweight nature. It brings maximum performance with the minimum resource using enhanced hardware acceleration methods. You will be impressed by its strong capability to play high-quality and 3D videos.

Main Features:

• Support for a broad range of media files, codecs and subtitle formats
• Immersive 3D playback
• Bookmark any scene or chapter as you wish
• Choose a desired sound card if there are two sound cards available.
• Easy navigation tool to browse files on your PC.
• Advanced video, audio, and subtitle customization options.

Supported Platform: Windows

If you have used the popular media player for Windows, MPC-HC, you must know that its developer stopped giving updates on MPC-HC several years. Although it is workable for various types of files and displays obvious advantage than many later competitors, you may still need a replacement, in order to deal with latest video codecs and formats. Then, the latest Media Player Classic - Black Edition will be your go-to choice, and also a nice full HD video player for PC.

More Features:

• Free and open source
• A popular fork of MPC and MPC-HC
• Refreshed and compact user interface
• Support LAV filters to extend playback ability
• A series of additional features are offered, including video preview

 Supported Platform: Windows

Charactered by modern user interface and advanced customization settings, KMPlayer is another good PC video player in the list. This application is well compatible on all popular platforms. It not only can recognize all common and advanced video codecs and formats, but also plays 4k, 8K, and 60fps videos while delivering optimized playback to help you enjoy videos seamlessly.

Main Features:

• Have excellent performance on high-definition video playback
• latest high-quality video codecs support, powered by the hardware acceleration function
YouTube video download function
• Capture moving images as a GIF
• Also support DVDs and Blu-ray

Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

GOM Player features well-organized layout and advanced settings. There is a dedicated Setting panel on which a rich set of settings on playback, subtitle, video, audio, filter/codec, and more are at your disposal. Even a beginner is able to fully handle this HD video player for PC without a steep learning curve. Strong playback capability is an essential and GOM also does well as for this point.

Main Features:

• User-friendly arrangement
• Native support for a considerable number of codecs and formats
• GOM Player’s Codec Finder and Subtitle Finder services for Windows
• Automatically search and sync subtitles for your videos.
• 360° VR and 8K video playback

Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS.

5KPlayer is a multiple-purpose tool that combines media player, online video downloader, music player, AirPlay & DLNA streaming tool, and some other gadgets into one body, for you to build your own media library hub.

Main Features:

• Built-in Airplay and DNLA wireless streaming support
• Online radio player to listen to radio from the likes of BBC
• Save videos from video-hosting websites
• Play all common video files
• Support up to 8K video quality

Supported Platform: Windows and macOS.

Bottom Line

These HD video players own different striking points and all help you enjoy HD videos at higher qualities. They are amongst the most popular media players for PC at present. You can try any of them with confidence.

Compress Large Videos with Good Quality

HD videos are usually along with large file size and it can be a tricky thing for us to store HD videos especially when our devices have limited storage space. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory comes to help you resolve this problem. It can compress large HD videos while keeping superior quality. With its hardware acceleration support and exclusive video compression method, it will help batch convert large videos and finish the process in no time.

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