How to Edit a Webex Recording on Windows?

Webex is a popular online video conferencing platform working on Windows systems. Users can record Webex meetings and further edit the recordings in proper video editing software. And this post is going to share how to edit a Webex recording on a PC in handy. Download the highly recommended video editor and follow the guide below to crop, split, watermark, and trim Webex recordings:

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How to Edit a Webex Recording?

Method 1. Simple HD Video Editing Software

Tutorial: How to Edit Webex Recordings

Method 2. Cisco Webex Recording Editor

In Summary

How Do I Edit a Webex Recording?

With the built-in recording option (available for the host only) or a third-party recorder, it’s easy to record meetings on Webex whether you are permitted or not. According to the official information, recordings saved either to the cloud or your computer will be stored in MP4 format, which can smoothly play on most applications and can be easily edited with a video editor. The following article introduces two pieces of Webex video editing software and gives step-by-step guides. Just keep reading.

Note: There are three types of files for Webex recordings: MP4, ARF (Network-Based Recordings), and WRF (Local or Standalone Recordings). MP4 can be edited on most editing apps, WRF can only be edited on a Windows PC using Webex Recording Editor, while ARF cannot be edited. Nevertheless, you can convert ARF to MP4, WMV, or SWF and convert WRF to WMV for easier editing on your PC.

Edit Webex Recordings MP4

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers a simple way to edit Webex recording files. It supports all common video formats including MP4, WMV, SWF, and other formats converted from ARF/WRF, and provides a set of handy tools for editing.

Method 1. Use HD Video Editing Software

The video editing software we will use is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It’s a professional video converter and editor for Windows PC. With it, you can trim Webex recordings, rotate videos 90/180 degrees, crop unwanted parts from the video, add subtitles/watermarks/effects, improve video quality, downsize video files, and so on. Though it combines so many features into one body, the interface is still brief, even beginners can handle the software without any hassle.

Now, free downloadfree download the software and follow the tutorial to edit your Webex recordings.

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Tutorial: How to Edit Webex Recordings

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro after installing it on your PC. Open Converter and click Add Files to import your MP4/WMV Webex recordings. Drag-and-drop is also supported.

1. Trim/Cut

Click the “scissors” icon below the video. Then drag the sliders on the timeline or type a specific time in the box to select the segment you want to keep. Press the green Trim button to create Clip 1. Repeat to make more clips as you want. When you finish, click OK to save the changes.

Trim Webex Recordings

2. Rotate/Flip

Open the video rotator by clicking the “rotate” icon. Choose a rotating option to rotate/flip the recording based on your needs. Then press OK.

Rotate Webex Recording

3. Crop

Hit the third button under the video. In the left window of the crop interface, drag the dotted borders to remove the unnecessary parts from the recorded video. Fine-tuning is supported for accurate cropping. Press OK to save the change.

Crop Webex Recording

4. Add Special Effects

Click the “effect” icon. Then select the region where you want to add video effects. Choose an effect style and adjust Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue. You can preview the video on the right window. Click OK to save it.

Add Video Effect

5. Watermark

Press the brush-shaped button. Here, you can add text, images, and logos to your recordings. Watermark settings like font, size, shadow, and opacity are customizable. After you finish adding watermarks, click OK to save the changes.

Watermark Webex Recordings

6. Add Subtitles

If you want to add subtitles to your Webex recording, click the first plus “+” button below the video. Choose a subtitle file from your computer and click Open to add it to the video.

Add subtitles to the Recording

7. Add/Remove Audio

Similarly, click the second “+” button to add an audio track to the video. (Tip. MP4, MKV, and MOV can contain multiple audio tracks)

If you don’t want the original soundtrack, uncheck the audio to make it disabled.

Add/Remove Audio

When you complete the editing task, click the format image on the right side to select an output profile. For example, head over to the Video tab and pick MP4 as the target format. Then specify an output path and press Run to export the final files.

Finish the Process

In addition to the above edits, you are able to modify the parameter settings such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, volume, etc. And with the help of the software, you can also combine screen recordings of Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, and the like, and batch compress the recording files to smaller sizes by several clicks.

Record and Edit Webex Meeting

It can not only edit Webex recordings but also record Webex meetings (audio included) without permission directly in MP4/AVI/MKV/MOV format. No lag, no watermark, high-quality, and easy to use. Try it now!

Method 2. Use Webex Recording Editor

Webex Recording Editor Windows enables you to edit .wrf files created with the Webex Meetings Recorder. Removing unwanted portions from the beginning and end of a recording is an easy task for this program. It can also help you insert all or part of a recording into another recording, add new audio to the recording, and convert .wrf files to .wmv files (with Windows Media Player 9.0 or later installed). Text, stickers, image, and subtitles can also be added using this program. Let’s see how to edit a Webex recording with it.

Step 1. Visit the Webex service website and click Support. Under Downloads, click the Recording and Playback page link. Then, click Download Webex Recording Editor.

Step 2. Sign in to your Webex site. Go to Recordings and select the recording you want to edit.

Step 3. Edit the recording based on your actual needs. Here I take “trim” as an example. For more editing instructions in this editor, read this page:

Click “Play” and select “Edit playback rang” in the lower right of the interface. Click “Preview playback range” to start playing the recording, then select “Pause” and drag the playback start control to the point you want to save from the recording. Finally, press “Save playback range” to save your changes.

Edit with Webex Editor

In Summary

That’s all about how to edit a Webex recording on Windows, specifically an MP4 or WRF Webex file. As mentioned in the first part, ARF files created by the meeting host using the Record on Server option cannot be edited but can be converted to Windows Media Video and Flash Video files. After the conversion, you can edit any recording from Webex with a screen recorder editor. Compared with Webex Recording Editor, WondreFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a better way to go for simpler operations, faster speed, and high-quality outputs. Besides the functions introduced above, this software has other amazing features. Just download it and explore more!

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100% Clean & Safe

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