How to Make Your Screen Recording Quality Better?

Want to capture your screen with the best quality? Here are four tips to help you make screen recording quality better. Besides, we will provide a high-quality screen recorder to show you how to screen record in better quality. Just read and follow.

Tips. High-quality screen recorder for you to record screen with good quality:

Michelle | Oct 13, 2022

Key points to increase screen recording quality:

1. Record the video in full size.

2. Use higher frame rates.

3. Encode the video with the right settings.

4. Choose an HD screen recorder.

Screen recording comes very important in this digital time, whether you need to make a video tutorial, capture the game highlights, or save a webinar. And definitely, you do not wish for a low-quality screen recording to ruin the viewing experience. Therefore, we are here to share some useful tips to help you make screen recording better quality. After the reading, you can also start recording high-definition videos with the HD screen recorder we provide. Let’s get started!

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Four Tips on How to Make Screen Recording Quality Better?

As the screen recording quality is mainly affected by the screen resolution, frame rate, encoding settings, and recording software, you can make improvements to these factors to get better quality when screen recording. Here are specific tips on how to increase the quality of screen recording.

1. Record Screen in Full Size

It’s important to know that the maximum possible resolution you can get is your monitor’s resolution. And to record the screen with the best quality, you should always record in full screen. Say, if your monitor is 1080P, you can record video in 1080P. If you just record part of your screen, the resolution will be lower. You will notice more artifacts when it is scaled to higher dimensions.

2. Use Higher Frame Rate

Frame rate decides the smoothness of your recording video. To avoid choppy videos, 24 fps is the least frame rate. But to improve the quality of screen recording, it will help to use a higher frame rate. 30 fps is good enough for casual screen recordings, such as meetings and tutorials. For recording action games or other fast movements, 60 fps is suggested.

3. Encode Video with the Right Settings

How the recording will be encoded can affect the overall recording quality. To record high-definition videos, besides the high resolution and frame rate mentioned before, you will also need to ensure a high bitrate. Moreover, a good codec is of equal importance to capturing high-quality screen recording videos. H264 is the recommended codec for its high efficiency and great compatibility. However, to adjust these settings and parameters, you will need a proper recording program.

4. Choose an HD Screen Recorder

The standard of a good quality screen recorder is simple – a program that provides options to adjust the screen recording settings like what’s mentioned above. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a high-quality screen recorder for Windows you could try, which enables you to easily set the recording quality, format, frame rate, and recording region. The next part shows a step-by-step guide on how to record videos with good quality using this software. Read on.

How to Screen Record with Better Quality using WonderFox HD Screen Recorder?

* Please free download free download the high-quality screen recorder to your PC.

Step 1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory on your PC desktop and open the “Recorder.”

Step 2. Maximize the recording window to full screen and choose the “Full-screen” recording mode (second from the left).

Step 3. Now, go to the recording settings below and change “Format” to “MP4” (H264 encode), “Quality” to “High Quality” (use higher bitrate), and “Frame rate” to “30 FPS” or “60 FPS” depending on what content you record.

Tips. If your computer uses an Nvidia graphics card or an Intel CPU, you can turn on the GPU acceleration to record the screen with better performance.

Step 4. Select the audio source between “Desktop” and “Microphone”, or use both to record two audio sources. Then, specify an output path at the bottom of the interface.

Step 5. Click “REC” to start the high-resolution screen recording. When the recording is over, press hotkeys “Ctrl + F1” to stop the recording. The recorded video will pop up in the output folder you just set.

These are the best settings to record high-quality videos in WonderFox. The recorded video will be large in this situation. If you want a good quality video with a smaller size, you can use the built-in “Converter” to re-encode the video with the HEVC codec later.


To get clear, crisp screen recordings, it would also help to close any background program while screen recording. This would allocate more resources to your screen recording activity and make the whole recording process stable.

That’s pretty much everything we want to show you about how to make screen recording quality better. Now, it’s your turn to screen record in HD quality.

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