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5 Minutes to Understand How to Downsize a Video with Ease

Author by Kevincy

Updated on May 12, 2023

As you know, almost all recorded videos are high-definition nowadays, and always take GB as the unit, which take up more space and are difficult to send, upload, share or transfer. Therefore, video downsizing is a must-have skill. Read on and you'll get an easy entry into how to downsize video files, especially for those who have no video editing experience.

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Video Downsizing is Much Easier than You Think

Donwsize Video FileDonwsize Video File

When the video file size is relatively large, not only does it take too much storage space, but also it cannot be uploaded to some video sharing websites due to file size limitation. In addition, it has to experience a severe challenge for hardware configuration and decoding ability on a computer or a device. I still remember that, when I played a more than 80 GB video file that was shot in the suburbs, I experienced a terrible video stuttering with super-high CPU and memory usage. Meanwhile, it's totally a pain to transfer the large video file.

So, how to downsize a large video? Quite a few people may consider it's a tough work 'cause those complex editing programs are not user-friendly to green hands. Good news is, I'm going to show you a foolproof way to downsize video files in a breeze, even if you have little or no video editing experience.

How to Downsize a Video through 4 Different Methods?

Here, I'm not going to talk too much about the definition of each video parameter, instead of spending time explaining the principle of video downsizing, it's more straightforward to demonstrate and see the result, right? And all you need is a multipurpose program - HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which offers 4 different ways to downsize video files. You can make your choices based on different situations.

Before start, please free downloadfree download the handy video downsizer and install it on PC.

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Download Free Download
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Step 1 - Import Large Video File

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and you'll see five main features on an open-and-shut interface. Aside from other literal features, open "Converter". On the new interface, click on Add Files button in the top left corner to import the video file you want to downsize. Alternatively, a simple drag-and-drop operation is also allowed. It may take a few seconds to load the video to the program based on the file size. When it appears in the workplace, choose any method below to proceed.

Import Large Video File

Step 2 - Choose One Video Downsizing Method

Method 1: Select Advanced Encoders to Downsize Video Files with Origintal Quality

If the large video is encoded in H.264, VP8, DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or other old compression format, you're able to select the advanced encoder H.265 or VP9 to downsize video without quality loss by means of the superior compression ratio. Simply expand the output format list on the right side, and select H.265 or VP9 profile under Video category. Then skip straight to Step 3. However, it may spend a longer time on downsizing video with the advanced encoder but keep original quality.

Choose Advanced Video Encoder

Method 2: Manually Reduce Video Bit Rate and Downscale Resolution to Downsize Videos

If you don't like the advanced encoders, after selecting your desired format, click on the Parameter settings button underneath the profile. On the Settings window, reduce the video bit rate (the critical factor to determine video quality and file size) OR downscale the resolution (The lower the resolution, the lower the matching bit rate, the smaller the file size). Also, if the video is shot in a high frame rate like 60fps, 120fps or higher, you can change it to 24, 25 or 30fps, which is enough for general playback. Click OK to save the changes and go to Step 3.

Lower Bit Rate and Downscale Resolution

Method 3: Downsize Video using Batch Compression Feature

You'll find a neat "Batch Compression" button on the bottom of the program. Click on it to activate the feature, drag the slider along the bar towards the right to increase the compression ratio for video downsizing. However, both Method 2 and Method 3 will cause some quality loss, do not overdo it. You have to find a good balance between the quality and file size.

Batch Compression Bar

Method 4. Trim Desired Video Segment to Downsize a Video

There are always many unnecessary scenes in the entire video. Click on the scissor icon on the toolbar to enter the trimming window. Drag both sliders to select the parts you want to keep, then press "Trim" button. To make it accurate, you can enter the start and end time separately. It allows to split a video into multiple clips. Click OK to go back to the main interface.

Trim Large Video

Step 3. Start Video Downsizing

When everything is all set, hit the big Run button at the bottom right corner to downsize videos.

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Wrap Up...

Yeah, you made it! There is no need to know the concept or principle, just follow the simple tutorial to sort it out. Without any marketing hype, witness this miracle with your own eyes. And all you need is just a simple video downsizer. I know someone will suggest you downsize video online, trust me, in addition to the file size limitation, you'll be driven crazy by the frustrating uploading and downloading speed. That's it. I'm glad to hear from you if there is a much simpler solution.

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