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Two Handy Ways to Add Image to GIF

Author by Michelle

Updated at June 24, 2022

There are many reasons for us to add image to GIF, be it the intention to glorify the GIF or out of pure copy-protection purpose, either way needs us to take it seriously. And this article has gathered two methods on how to add still image to GIF. Get equipped with this advanced tool here and follow the instructions below:

A good GIF is welcomed everywhere in the cyber world, for it is an energy-saving way to convey rich content. But making a good GIF is, on the contrary, energy-consuming. You need to design the GIF on your own, and sometimes it involves the steps of adding extra materials to the GIF to make it more appealing, such as placing pictures or adding text to GIF. So it's necessary to have a well-functioning tool to help you with that. And I have found two easy and accessible ways to assist you, read on to get more details on how to add image to GIF!

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Part 1. Add Picture to GIF with Desktop GIF Maker

Before we get to the detailed tutorials, a brief introduction to the tool that is going to be used here should be made clear. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the recommended tool to do the adding-image-to-GIF stuff. I've used this software for quite some time and, to be honest, it is one of the rare programs that really gets me. I usually make GIFs for later uploading on Instagram, you know, the platform that doesn't support .gif format. And guess what this program can do for me? It allows me to directly make GIF into video that fits the Instagram uploading requirements without further moves. Also I can use it to trim a movie clip and turn it into GIF by its built-in GIF Maker. Now, it's time to see how it can add image to GIF while output it as video in the following steps:

How to Add Still Image to GIF with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Import GIF

Step 1. Import GIF into the Video Converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open “Converter”. In the “Video Converter” interface, click “+Add Files” on the top left or “+” button to import the GIF. Or you can directly drag and drop the GIF into this program.

Add still image to gif

Step 2. Add Image to GIF

After the importation, click on the watermark icon on the second right below the imported GIF. And on the lower right side of the new interface, click on the folder icon beside the image to load image or choose a preset one, then hit “+” on the top right corner to add the picture to GIF. You can change the size of the image in the player screen and adjust the opacity or rotate it below the “+” icon. If you are not content with the image, you are free to delete it by hitting the trash-bin icon next to “+” and place a new one. When all is done, click “OK” to save the changes.

Tips: Try to type text to the GIF in the left area where the operations are much the same with putting images over GIF.

Output the GIF as Video

Step 3. Output the GIF as Video

Before the outputting, you can alter the parameters of the file on the right side and then choose an output folder by clicking on the inverted triangle in the bottom area. After all is set, hit “Run” to export GIF as video.

Save Video as GIF

Extra: Step 4. Save Video as GIF

If you need to save the outputted file as a GIF, go to GIF Maker on the home screen and choose “Convert Video to GIF”. In the pop-up interface, import the converted video and change the parameters on the right side if you want. Finally, click “Create GIF” to save the file as the original GIF format.

Part 2. Place Image on GIF with Online Free GIF Maker

EZGIF.COM is an online tool I frequently use to make refinements to my GIF. It is free and easy to use and has a tutorial of each feature on the bottom of the webpage. The following are the detailed steps on how to overlay image on GIF.

Add photo to GIF

Step 1. Visit, and click “Choose file” or “paste image URL” and then hit “Upload!” to import GIF into the website.

Step 2. After the page refreshed, click the “Choose file” to select the image and “Upload image!”.

Note: The image could be still or moving.

Step 3. After the second refresh, there will appear a GIF for you to preview the output effect. You can only change the position but not the size or any other parameters of the image. When you are done with the image, hit “Generate image!” to combine image to GIF. Finally, click “save” on the rightmost of the bottom menu to download it to your local folder.


The desktop solution boasts a richer function than the online one, while the online solution is free and light though restricted by the uploading size and some other defects. You can have a try at both and decide which one suits you the most!

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