How to Convert 120fps to 24fps without Slow Motion?

Nov 2, 2022
  • Free downloadFree download this easy-to-use app on PC, and learn how to convert 120fps videos to 24fps without slow motion:
  • Step 1. Import all 120fps videos to Converter.
  • Step 2. Choose any preferred export format.
  • Step 3. Change frame rate to 24fps.
  • Step 4. Press "Run" button for batch 120fps to 24fps video conversion.
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How to Convert a Video to 24fps from 120fps?
1. Add 120fps Videos
2. Select an Export Format
3. Change Frame Rate to 24fps
4. Start 120fps to 24fps Conversion

Do you have some video footage produced at 120 frames per second that take up a lot of hard drive capacity? Despite the fact that the more fps your videos contain, the more clarity, sharpness, and smoothness you will get, however, 120fps video is commonly used for slow-mo effects editing and video game, it also has high requirements on hardware and software. Otherwise, you won't get the ideal experience.

As a matter of fact, for general videos, 24fps is fast enough to create a seamless audio and video experience for normal viewing. So, if you don't mean to create an action movie, fast-moving sports, or slow-motion videos, this post will guide you through how to convert videos from 120fps to 24fps without compromising your viewing experience, while still minimizing the video size.

How to Convert a Video to 24fps from 120fps?

You've probably noticed that many apps either don't support 120fps video import, or output a fast-forward 24fps video, which is not what you want. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the right novice-oriented program that offers a 4-steps process to convert videos from 120fps to 24fps for smooth playback without lags. It is worth mentioning that, this program specializes in foolproof video and audio processing, providing you with multiple features to download, record, compress, edit and convert video files effortlessly.

Free downloadFree download this functional 120fps to 24fps converter, and let's jump in how to convert 120fps videos to 24fps without slow motion.

120fps to 24fps Video Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers a straightforward and worry-free way to change video frame fate from 120fps to 24fps without a hassle. It also works for converting 120fps to 60fps, 120fps to 30fps, and vice versa. The intuitive GUI makes all processing more efficient and time-saving. GET IT NOW!

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1 - Import Source 120fps Videos

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open "Converter" module. Press "Add Files" button or execute a drag-and-drop to add your 120fps videos. It supports batch processing and hardware acceleration.

Step 2 - Choose an Export Format

This app comes with a wide range of output formats for your needs. Simply click on the big "Format" image to expand the full list of 500+ configured presets. Then switch over to any category and choose your desired profile.

Step 3 - Change Frame Rate to 24fps

Open "Parameter settings" window, change video frame rate to "24fps" in the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can press "Customize" button and manually type in the value. Hit OK to save the changes.

Tips. Here you're also free to change video codec, resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio, and audio settings as you wish.

Step 4 - Start 120fps to 24fps Conversion

Choose a directory on the bottom of the program to save the output video files. Finally, hit "Run" button to start converting 120fps videos to 24fps immediately.

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Highlights of the 120fps to 24fps Converter
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Download for Free
Download for Free

Final Words...

As you know, the frame rate of the video is simply a method to denote the speed at which frames play per second. So, compared with 24fps, the 120fps video you view is actually nothing but still consecutive images of 120 frames per second. And it doesn't make a major difference to your viewing experience with the naked eyes unless you want to slow down the footage to show the details for cinematic effects.

On the flip hand, a 120fps video has five times more still images in one second than a 24fps video. When multiplied by the video's length, it's easy to figure out why a 120fps video has a larger file size. 24fps is the baseline that ensures a seamless visual experience, which is enough for our basic viewing need. So let me just give you a quick recap, converting 120fps videos to 24fps with smaller file size is a good option if you don't plan to create the slow-mo content.

Hopefully, I've made everything clear and comprehensible to you guys. Any question about reducing video frame rate from 120fps to 24fps? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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