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What You Want to Know Something about Video Frame Rate

Author by Hales

Updated on Mar 7, 2023

Have you come across various problems of how to change your video frame rate when playing and watching videos? This article will provide the best frame rate converter and teach you how to change video’s frame rate step by step.

The Definition of Frame Rate

As mentioned frame rate, you may ask what are frames per second. Actually frame rate is the frequency rate at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display. Simple understanding is the number of pictures played every second. The unit of frame rate is fps (frame per second). Frame rate may also be called the frame frequency, and be expressed in hertz. In theory, the more frames you played per second, the smoother the picture will be. But in fact, different videos have certain standards.

Different Standard of Frame Rate

Usually the big screen movie is 30 fps, the game screen is usually 30-60 fps, and the HD recorder can reach 180 fps, which is suitable for shooting animals in the wild and shoot slow motion playback on the sports field, etc. Of course, TV will be different according to the worldwide analog video standards (Norm). There are two types of Norm (PAL & NTSC) in the world:

TV video standards for PAL and SECAM:

SD 720X576, 501 (i.e. 25 fps)
HD 1920X1080 (i.e. 30 fps)

NTSC TV Video Standard:

SD 720X480, 601 (i.e. 30 fps)
HD 1920X1080 (i.e. 25 fps)

In fact, from a simple visual sense, as long as the frame rate is lower than 20, the picture can be seen carton and not smooth through the naked eye. If it's less than 10 frames, it is already very stuck. In addition, the frame rate will still affect the size of the video file, that is the higher the frame rate, the larger the file.

How to Change Video Frame Rate?

Adjusting Parameters

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a special video frame rate converter that allows you to easily improve video quality of your playback by adjusting the video frame rate for better viewing. Specifically, it can be set by the following three points.

First:Transfer to the main interface and click the Parameter Settings button to enter the parameter interface to set parameters.

Second: Find the frame rate option in the parameter interface and select the desired frame rate. You can also manually enter a frame rate on the right side.

Third:Click the OK button to apply the changes.

At the same time, the new WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro has many other convenient features, such as editing video, adding subtitles or music to the video, adding watermarks or logos to the video. These features will help you become a professional video editor.

Compare the Difference of 2fps, 10fps, 30 fps in Picture Fluency

In fact, changing the video frame rate is very simple. The following is going to take a video to GIF as an example to analyze the difference in the effect and fluency of the screen at different frame rates. (converting video to three dynamic images representing 30fps, 10fps, 2 fps and set two frames per frame.)

2fps - first of all, 2 images per second, the entire picture display speed is very fast, almost flashing. Since the playback will have a sense of jumping, the picture quality is not clear and the viewer's feeling is not good.

10fps - 10 pictures per second, this effect is significantly better than 2fps, there will still be a little discontinuous picture, but the whole picture effect will be relatively smooth. Some details are more obvious than 2fps. Generally, it does not affect normal viewing.

30fps - compared with the previous two, the third (30fps) is really the best one. The picture not only will not appear to be stuck, but also the playback is particularly smooth, the picture is smooth and clear every point. Especially for some users who like slow motion, this is the best gospel, which is a very nice and comfortable viewing.




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